Dry cough: fight him

Causes of dry cough
Cough can occur against the background of any disease, so effective treatment begins only after the cause is established. What causes a cough? It should be noted that the cough is a protective reaction of the human body, in which foreign objects and harmful microorganisms are expelled from the respiratory organs.
The main causes of coughing are:
- colds;
- chronic smoking;
- Oncology of the upper respiratory tract;
- allergic reaction;
- asthma;
- tuberculosis;
- heart failure;
- chemical irritation of the mucous membrane;
- mental disorders.
Effective remedies for dry cough
When a dry cough, sputum does not go away on its own, therefore, the funds must be selected taking into account the signs. As a rule, at the first stage, preparations are prepared for liquefying sputum, and then means for expectoration.
A prerequisite is an abundant drink, which normalizes the water balance in the body.
Effective treatment includes:
- a balanced diet with vitamins and trace elements;
- inhalation;
- drugs to liquefy sputum;
- folk remedies against dry cough.
Any medications are prescribed only by an experienced doctor, as they can cause complications and side effects. For example, with simultaneous intake of antitussive and mucoltic drugs, bronchial obstruction occurs in the sputum.
Folk remedies are effectively used to treat dry cough. These are various broths and infusions which help a phlegm to depart quicker. It is necessary to choose such tools that are quite easy to do at home.
For example, it helps breast gathering of licorice, thyme, linden, mint, coltsfoot, plantain, lungwort, calendula. A glass of boiling water will require 1 tbsp. dry mixture, take the means 150 ml three times a day before meals.
Prepare a fig decoction: pour 5 fruits with a glass of hot milk, let it brew for 30 minutes, take 1/3 cup 3 times a day.
For the preparation of milk broth, you must take a glass of hot milk, add 1 tsp. soda and 1 tsp.interior fat, drink hot three times a day.
Effectively rubbing the breasts with internal fat, then cover with cotton cloth and go to bed under a warm blanket.
Helps to get rid of dry cough infusion of anise fruit or anise essential oil for oral administration.
For inhalation, you can use various medicinal herbs that brew boiling water. The resulting steam contributes to the release of sputum and treatment of dry cough.