Is the eyelid twitching? Urgently take action

You must carefully monitor your health, because if the first signs of problems and illnesses are detected on time, then this will avoid serious consequences. Even seemingly innocuous symptoms may indicate a malfunction. For example, if your eyelid twitches, then you need to urgently take action.

The essence of the problem

If your eyelid starts to twitch, then you can talk about the so-called nerve tics, which in medical practice are called hyperkinesis. Not to notice such a phenomenon is almost impossible. You will feel twitching, similar to involuntary muscle contractions. Outwardly, this will also be noticeable, although the movements are often not so obvious and intense.

It is worth noting that in the upper eyelid there are much more nerve endings, moreover, it is precisely this that is mobile. And this means that the lower eyelid can twitch, but not so often, in most cases, it affects the upper eyelid.

Do not ignore the problem

It should be noted right away that this state, in itself, does not represent threats to life and health hazards, but it still signals some problems.And if they are not eliminated, then the situation will worsen.

Why is this happening?

Why twitches eyelid? There are many reasons for which the lower or upper eyelid may twitch. But only two groups are distinguished: disturbances in the work of the nervous system and some concomitant conditions.

For a start it is worth mentioning the problems in the work of the nervous system. It is known that the body has a great variety of nerve endings and paths that permeate our entire body. In the centuries they are also there. It should be noted that any minor stimuli can lead to the fact that the nerve endings will trigger and send signals to muscles and other tissues.

Because of this, involuntary contractions are often observed. And since the eyelid is very subtle, these phenomena often affect them. Let's list the negative factors of influence, which can provoke twitching:

  • Frequent stressful situations. Unfortunately, some people are forced by virtue of their profession or other circumstances often (and sometimes almost constantly) to experience stress. And this, of course, is reflected in health.
  • Overwork also negatively affects the functioning of the nervous system.
  • Unfavorable environment. If a person constantly feels discomfort, then he will experience nervous tension.
  • Frequent experience.
  • Such a symptom may be accompanied by serious neurological diseases (neurosis, etc.), but this, fortunately, is rare. In addition, these ailments will certainly be felt and other manifestations, and quite serious and sometimes even dangerous.

But some other reasons that are not directly related to effects on the nervous system can provoke twitches:

  • Wrong way of life. If the day regimen is absent or is incorrect from a physiological point of view (for example, night shifts or daily work), then the person himself may not notice how his nerves gradually wear out and deteriorate.
  • Excessive stress (both physical and mental). If a person does not pity himself and constantly puts his body under stress, then fatigue will certainly affect the functioning of the nervous system.
  • Overexertion of the eyes. If a person, for example, spends a lot of time at the computer or does other things related to excessive eye strain, then nerve endings located in the eyelids can literally “rebel”.
  • Wearing contact lenses.Lenses can periodically touch the eyelids and irritate the nerve endings. So many people who wear lenses periodically twitch eyelids.
  • Constant lack of sleep. They have a very negative impact on the entire body as a whole, including the nervous system.
  • Increased dryness of the eyes may be a consequence of the characteristics of the organism, diseases of the organs of vision or eye strain. Often dryness is observed in older people.
  • Sometimes even the usual allergy leads to such consequences. The fact is that some of its manifestations are accompanied by swelling and swelling of the eyes, which can provoke twitching.
  • If you abuse alcohol or drinks that contain caffeine (coffee, black tea and energy), then this symptom may also bother you.
  • Avitaminosis can also cause pushes, because some substances play an important role in the functioning of the nervous system.
  • Pinches of nerve endings can also lead to disturbances in the nervous system. For example, this may be with osteochondrosis.

How to be?

What to do if you often watch yourself twitching eyelids? To sound an alarm and call an ambulance is not necessary, but you need to see a doctor. So, it is worth visiting first of all the neurologist.If the nerves are all right, then go to the ophthalmologist. In general, it is necessary to establish the reasons for the beginning, and then to start active actions, the most important of which is the elimination of the influence of negative factors.


Enjoy this little

If there are problems with the nerves, the doctor may prescribe you some kind of sedative. If the problems are not serious, then you can do with herbal preparations (Persen, Novopassit, valerian tincture). In the case of serious pathologies, a survey is required, after which the doctor will prescribe the necessary treatment. If there is dry eyes, then ask the ophthalmologist for special drops.


It is extremely important to radically reconsider your lifestyle:

  • Be sure to get enough sleep. Sleep in a day should be given at least 8-9 hours, and go to bed as soon as possible (no later than 11 hours).
  • If you feel tired, be sure to rest, do not overwork yourself.
  • During the stress period, relax, take a mild sedative.
  • Do not keep all experiences in yourself. Periodically you need to speak out and splash out your emotions.Sometimes it is necessary to talk with a friend and cry.
  • Do not spend much time at the computer. And if you cannot work differently because of the work, then periodically let your eyes rest, close them. Light eyelid massage also helps.
  • Watch out for food, as it is important to ensure that all that is needed is supplied to the body.
  • Do not drink alcohol, tea, coffee and energy in large quantities.

Folk remedies

There are some folk remedies that have a mild sedative effect. For example, useful mint tea. You can also take oregano extract.

If the problem lies in the eyes, then you can make lotions from a decoction of chamomile or a series. Such herbs have an anti-inflammatory effect and relieve irritation.

How to avoid such a problem?

So, what is the prevention of eyelid twitches? Just lead a healthy and relaxed lifestyle. If possible, avoid stress, relax, get enough sleep, eat a balanced and varied, do not sit for a long time at the computer. Do not abuse alcohol and coffee containing drinks. And if you notice the first manifestations, contact your doctor.

Calm you and your eyelids!

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