Frangipan with cocoa

Frangipan with cocoa- a step-by-step culinary recipe.


  1. 120 g ground almonds;
  2. 115 g of cane sugar
  3. 120 g chilled butter;
  4. 2 eggs;
  5. 35 grams of rice flour
  6. 10 grams of starch (corn or potato);
  7. 15 grams of good cocoa powder;
  8. orange peel 1

For chocolate ganache:

  1. 100 g dark (50-70% cocoa) chocolate;
  2. 50 g of good filling from whole milk or cream
  3. orange juice


Heat the oven to 1800C Smear the baking dish with butter (except silicone molds). Mix ground almonds with sugar. Add chilled butter, flour, starch, cocoa, chop with a knife or in a combine to large crumbs, add eggs, grated orange zest and a couple of spoons of orange juice, mix until smooth. Put it in the form. Bake using the same technology as in the recipe "Frangipan with apples". While it is being baked, make ganache: melt ice cream in a thick bottom saucepan, bring to a boil, remove from heat and add chopped chocolate, knead to smoothness. Pour in orange juice, mix. Let the prepared frigipane cool and cover it with ganache.