Freight: what is it?

Ekaterina Ermolaeva
Ekaterina Ermolaeva
December 22, 2014
Freight: what is it?

In various textbooks, as well as the self-carriage of goods over distances, you can encounter the term "freight". What is it - freight? Freight is called a certain fee for the transport of certain goods. The size of the freight is established in accordance with the law in accordance with the contract for the carriage of cargo between the sender and the carrier. The contract prescribes the cargo, the size of the cargo, the terms of transportation and the established freight.

The consignor is also called charterer. It is he who pays the carrier the amount of freight. Initially, the concept of freight applied only to sea vessels, however, over time, freight became both land and air. Thus, all the rules and regulations applicable to ships on the carriage of goods began to spread to cars and airplanes.

Chartered ship

Chartering a vessel is the process of concluding a contract for the carriage of goods. The chartered vessel undertakes to provide the sender with a place for the carriage of cargo in the amount specified in the contract.And also to produce work on time.

Depending on the terms you can charter a ship:

  • on one flight when it is possible to transport cargo at one time in full;
  • on several flights, when you have to return for the cargo in order to complete the entire workload. Usually indicates the number of flights required for full transportation;
  • under the general contract, where the volume of cargo and the terms of performance of works are prescribed. And for transportation various vessels with different volumes can be used, so it is difficult to establish in advance the exact number of flights;
  • on time charter. The contract stipulates the time spent on transportation. The vessel is rented and the freight value is set depending on the duration of the voyages.