Even the most modest wedding can not be imagined without games and entertainment for guests, witnesses and the bride and groom themselves. Modern newlyweds want the same not old-fashioned contests, after which the guests' mood will be at their best.

Today we have made for all lovers and organizers of celebrations a selection of non-dull wedding games and competitions that do not require a large budget, but only the desire to participate.

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Funny wedding contests

These games are pretty simple and entertaining.

Nimble nose

In this game, everyone can participate - both the bride and groom, as well as witnesses and guests. The essence of the competition is simple: each participant is put on the nose a cap from a matchbox. The one who removes it without hands is the one who won. Attempts to remove the cap with the movements of the facial muscles look very funny on the wedding video. As a consolation prize you can offer a glass of champagne.

Marathon kisses

Guests share in pairs, in each pair there should be a man and a woman who uses lipstick.The essence of the game is this: each lady should put as many kisses as possible on the face of her entertainment partner until the lipstick runs out or there is no place on the skin of the young man. Lips can not tint. The jury - the bride and groom. Together they count the number of kisses collected by each man, and those who have more will receive a small present, for example, a lady keychain in the form of a heart, and her partner a keychain in the form of a typewriter.


For this fun competition you will need wine glasses, teaspoons and champagne. Each participant is poured the same amount of sparkling, and the purpose of the competition is to drink as soon as possible to empty the glass with a teaspoon. As a prize, the winner can present a beautiful silver spoon.

Wedding Games for Guests

While young people enjoy each other, guests should not be bored either. If you are entrusted to organize a good mood, the fun options offered by us will come in handy.

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Shave the ball!

This game is for real men. You will need the most inflated balls, shaving foam and razors. Each participant leading gives a ball, which painted the eyes, nose, mouth.Shaving foam is applied to the area where men usually grow bristles. The task of the participants is to shave your ball, freeing it from the foam, and not bursting at the same time. And help to keep the balls for the ends will be the wife or partner of the participants. For more fun shaving balls can be entrusted to the girls.

Live sandwich

If you want to tickle your impressionable nerves, this exciting game will be the most memorable at the wedding. For the game, you will need sandwiches and plastic bugs, spiders and all sorts of bugs, tarakashki, from which most people get goose bumps.

The leader offers each participant to bite off the sandwich the biggest piece without the help of hands, but before that everyone turns their back to the table. Meanwhile, the presenter and his assistants put a fake bug on each sandwich, and at the command the participants turn, trying to quickly bite off a piece of the sandwich. The highlight of the fun will be the facial expressions of the participants. Well, the one who does not get lost and, after laughter or fright, bites off a sandwich, will become the main daredevil of the evening.


Props - a few rolls of toilet paper (by the number of players).The essence of the game is to unwind the roll as soon as possible. Cheerful music will contribute to the activity of the participants, and the winner can be given a memorable gift, for example, a towel for the face in the bathroom.

Wedding competitions for the bride and groom

The organizer of the competitive part of the wedding should not leave without attention the bride and groom, because it was thanks to the lovers that a large and cheerful company gathered on this day.

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Question answer

This game is very simple: the organizers (toastmaster, witnesses) write amusing questions and answers on two sets of cards separately. The more of them, the more fun the competition will be. Answers must be universal to fit each of the questions.

How is the game going: before the young two packs of cards - one with questions, the other with answers. The groom randomly takes a question card and asks his wife. The girl in turn takes at random a card with an answer, and reads it out loud, after which she asks a new question to the gentleman.

The game lasts until the cards run out. The winner of the game is the one whose random answers will be funnier than that of the opponent. Guests vote applause.

Here are some sample questions:

  1. Darling, will we buy a cow?
  2. Dear, will you give me all your wages?
  3. Is it true that kissing strangers is your favorite activity?
  4. Dear, and coffee in bed will be every day?


Variants of answers:


  1. Only in the evening.
  2. Well this is too much.
  3. When prizhmut in public transport.
  4. Not yet. But tomorrow I'll try.


What will be the questions, should lead the competition. It is better if they are close friends of the young, because they know exactly the degree of humor of lovers, and they will be able to make a list of unconventional questions and answers.

Household duties

This is truly hooligan entertainment for today's young people at a wedding. In a large bag, the hosts hide many of the most diverse household items — a frying pan, a broom, garbage bags, a TV remote, socks, a sponge for washing dishes, a dog collar, baby diapers, and so on. The bride and groom take turns taking the first item out of the bag, and saying “I will ...” (for example, washing the dishes) out loud.

Good parents

The essence of the game: lovers become sideways and hug each other, they have one free hand left. The task is to swaddle the doll, and do it as accurately and accurately as possible.I wonder if the husband and wife will cope with this difficult task, will they be able to work together, having only one free hand?

Contests for the wedding for witnesses

Witnesses are also important at the wedding, because it is on their shoulders that they are responsible for organizing a boring wedding day.

And since most of the show's show program hosts are witnesses, they should also be taken care of by offering several interesting contests. And they can be invented by young people or their parents.

Sweet couple

The witness lays down on the arranged chairs, the toastmaster must lay out candy or pieces of fruit along her body. Witness blindfolded. His task is to blindly collect as many candies or fruits as possible. The reward of the witness is kisses: how many sweets he will collect, as many times as he should be kissed by the witness.

To make the game even more fun, a girl can be replaced by one of the men present (of course, if the witness has a good sense of humor and he will not be offended when the bandage is removed). This action is always accompanied by sincere laughter of the guests. Well, instead of kissing men shake hands.

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Balls in pants

For this competition, you need to inflate a few small balls, and scatter them on the floor. Witnesses are given huge pants. At the command of the lead, the witnesses must collect as many balls as possible in their pants, and then burst the opponent's balls without their hands. The first who burst every single opponent balls, and becomes the winner.

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Such fun contests for the wedding are suitable for both witnesses, and for guests and young people.

Fun at the wedding

In between contests and toasts, the presenter should somehow entertain the guests who came to the wedding. Evening dance of a specially invited group can be a decoration of the evening. Well, if the guests express such a desire, you can arrange for them a fun dance competition - who refuses to face off with real dancers?

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If there are kids at the wedding, they should also be involved in the game. While adults are resting from contests, the younger crumbs will be able to entertain guests. To do this, you will need album sheets and colored pencils. Ask the children to draw the bride and groom as the children themselves see them. The drawings will turn out to be very amusing, and will be an excellent addition to the wedding photo album of the young. Do not forget after the game to please the kids with sweets.

If the guests are a bit tired of active contests, you can invite them to play a board game, for example, Monopoly. She will not only introduce the guests closer, but also make friends with each other. The game can last the whole evening, with breaks for toast and dancing.

A romantic movie will also be a good entertainment for the wedding. Well, if you can arrange it to be shown on the screen for the projector in the evening when it gets dark.

Contests for the second day of the wedding

According to the tradition, on the second day after the wedding, the newlyweds with friends go to nature, and continue the banquet in their close circle.

And besides champagne, kebab and toast this day should also be fun games and competitions.

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Master in the house

As a rule, contests on the second day of the wedding are always economic — the husband and wife often compete in peeling potatoes, cutting lettuce, swaddling a puppet baby, and so on. On this day the friends of the young determine who will become the master in the house, determining the winner in each contest. Whoever has more points for the whole day will be the owner. Well, whoever scores less points, he becomes a loyal assistant for many years.

A pot of wishes

This is not really a contest, but rather just interesting entertainment for everyone gathered on the second day of the wedding. The leader must stand in the center, the participants form a circle. The first participant is issued a pot with the first letter - it is called the leading. To this letter, the guest should give three wishes to the bride and groom. Next, the pot is transferred to the next participant with these words: “I’ll put a letter in a young pot…”. The second participant of the game should also name three wishes for a new letter. The game takes place in a circle, and the potty collects for the young a large number of the most beautiful wishes.

The author of the most original congratulations is determined by the newlyweds. The pot remains young as a keepsake, and friends can fill it with a variety of things - coins, seashells, candy, wheat, and so on.


Another fun contest on the second day of the wedding, you can play right at the table. Participants are invited to take the right hand for the tip of the nose, and the left hand for the lobe of the right ear. When the presenter produces cotton, the participants change the position of the hands to the opposite, that is, now the left hand is holding its nose, and the right hand is holding the lobe of the left ear.After each cotton, those who loosen the position of the hands are eliminated. The game lasts as long as the most nimble participant remains.

Accompany the game should fun light music.


You have been to a wedding toastmaster many times, or have invited you for the first time - the wedding contests and entertainment offered by us will be an excellent addition to the program of the event.