General characteristics: Taurus

Characterizing Taurus will help you better understand this stubborn and contradictory sign. His psychological portrait with the weaknesses and strengths of the personality, the features of suitable professions and many other nuances you will learn below.

Zodiac sign description Taurus

If in the crowd you see a silent person with a strong, deep look, it will surely be a Taurus. If he decides to say something, he will speak slowly, expressing his thought as briefly and clearly as possible. This person is peaceful, he can keep calm for years, even if there is a constant irritant next to him. However, if you still manage to bring the Taurus from yourself, beware of his anger. In ordinary situations, if Taurus is angry, then it will simply be all the stubborn ones.

Characteristic Taurus

Taurus does not like popularity, attention. At the same time they are quite welcoming, they welcome guests. In addition, Taurus love the attention of the opposite sex. However, they are unlikely to actively seek their chosen one.In matters of love and friendship, Taurus is very passive.

Tauruses love painting, music and simply adore their home. For them, this is the main fortress, protection and support. Despite the fact that representatives of this sign usually do not squander money, they do not stint in purchases for the house.

Under the sign of Taurus born such famous people as Al Pacino, Robert Pattison, Honore de Balzac, Penelope Cruz, Jessica Alba, Uma Thurman.

Psychological characteristics of the sign Taurus

Taurus is one of the most patient zodiac signs that plays Taurus only on hand. To get him out of himself, you need to try hard. Patience is complemented by generosity, so Taurus does not hold offense for a long time, they easily forgive offenders, they do not make it difficult for them to live.

The second positive aspect of personality is practicality. He always knows exactly what you can benefit from. That is why Taurus is always with money. We can say that material goods themselves are attracted to the representatives of this sign, so they rarely live in misery.

Characteristic sign Taurus

But no one is perfect. The main negative trait of Taurus character is laziness. It creates problems not only for Taurus itself, but for all people around them.

Conservativeness and excessive stubbornness can also be attributed to the negative sides. You will have to persuade Taurus for a long time to try something new. Well, if he decided for himself something, do not even hope to convince him, no matter how right you are.

Element Taurus and its mascots

The Taurus has two heavenly patrons at once: Venus and the Moon. Venus it gives Taurus thrift, assiduity and in general makes them exactly who they are. The moon also has its own important role. It extinguishes Taurus’s excessive stubbornness, helps them to find compromises and more easily find a common language with people. But the element of this sign - the earth.

Now let's look at the talismans of this sign:

  • lucky numbers: 2, 4, 16;
  • talisman: a statuette of a bull, a statuette of an elephant with a raised trunk (it is important that the statuettes were not made of ivory);
  • color: yellow, orange, all shades of green;
  • countries that help to find spiritual balance: Switzerland, Sweden, Ireland.

Turquoise is the main stone mascot for this zodiac sign. He will help Taurus win in any situation. Agate should be taken with you to all serious events.He gives his owner the gift of oratorical skill. Opal will share extrasensory abilities with Taurus, but it cannot be worn for people with a weak psyche, as the problem may be aggravated. Nephritis will protect Taurus from diseases. Chrysoprase will increase self-esteem. Chalcedony will protect from stress, bad mood and bad influence of evil people.

But something Taurus should be avoided. First of all it is about silver. It does not fit this zodiac sign. Also, you can not abuse the red color. The real danger may be red stones - jet, jade, garnet.

Choosing a profession for Taurus

Taurus can earn well, if he, of course, will not be lazy. So, representatives of this sign can be calm for their future.

Taurus has golden hands. They manage to do everything, no matter what they take. Especially well they manage all the work that is associated with the creation of comfort in the house. They are wonderful architects, builders, designers, weavers. They also do a good job with interior decorating.

Among other professions that suit Taurus are the following:

  • writer;
  • farmer;
  • animal breeder;
  • cook or pastry chef;
  • restaurant business owner;
  • dealer.

Taurus, unlike many other signs of the zodiac, calmly refers to the routine work. He will perform it not anyhow, but carefully, observing all the rules. In terms of work, Taurus is a real pedant, so that the boss can be calm about the part of the case that he assigned to Taurus.

Taurus Health

Tauruses have quite good health. However, even the smallest health problems can have serious consequences for them. The fact is that Taurus will be too long to visit the hospital, in the hope that everything will pass by itself. And as a preventive measure, you don’t take him to the hospital at all.

Vulnerabilities Taurus - intestines, larynx and throat. They may have various diseases associated with these zones. Often, diseases begin with something harmless and progress. For example, a normal sore throat flows into bronchitis, and then into bronchial asthma. That is why the throat should be very careful, be wary of cold drinks and dishes.

Characteristic zodiac sign Taurus

Another problem that afflicts Taurus is obesity. Part of the excess weight is associated with their laziness, slowness and sedentary lifestyle. It is enough to add regular exercise to protect yourself from this problem.