“Girl, you have a tank on the other side!”: 7 life hacking for autolady

Which will help not get lost in any ridiculous situation behind the wheel.

I come all so beautiful at the gas station, and from which side of the tank, I do not remember. And was the windshield fluid suddenly over? Familiar? Of course, there is always someone to help at the gas station, and if such a trifle puts you out of action somewhere outside the city? For this case, together with experts from Ford, we have prepared a memo that will be useful for any car.

- I just got the rights. What to do next and, in general, how to drive after a driving school?

Right in the pocket, the car in the parking lot, it remains to learn how to feel comfortable on the road. According to the annual study of the Ford Safe Driving Academy, which is conducted among program participants, 47% of novice drivers consider driving school training to be insufficient for safe driving, so first try to avoid heavy traffic. It is better to train your skills early in the morning or at night, when for the most part all roads are not busy.It is better if in the first months of driving near you there will be an experienced driver, for example, someone from close friends and relatives or a husband. The main quality for the teacher in addition to the direct driving experience is patience. If there is no suitable person for the role of a mentor, then you can always turn to specialists.

However, as soon as you feel confident, start driving alone. Otherwise, you can get used to the "accompanying". Be sure to explore the surroundings and routes gradually, try to drive a car on new roads, explore for the beginning different ways to get home or work, gradually expanding your knowledge. The first time you should avoid talking on the phone, talking to passengers and loud music, keep your hands on the wheel and do not take your eyes off the road.

And finally - do not be nervous. Carlson knowingly said: “Calm, only calm! It’s something everyday! ”Sooner or later you will feel comfortable and confident at the wheel, practice is the main thing in this business.

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- I already feel confident in the flow of cars, and in the parking lot I get lost both literally and figuratively.How to park and how easier?

There are no drivers in the megalopolises who always park without worries. Just to find a free place is an adventure at times. Or, sometimes, you find a free patch between the cars, but it’s hard to “get into”, and they are backing, honking and scolding from behind. Following simple tips, avtoledi can save yourself a hundred or two nerve cells.

All drivers have different ways of parking, which does not cause them discomfort and it works best. Someone else in a driving school has perfected a ride to boxing or perpendicular parking, someone has a parallel parking spot. In any case, always assess whether you have enough space, don't hurt someone else’s car, and also make sure that the parking you choose the place is allowed and safe (no icicles or mountains of snow hang over the roof, there are no broken trees and no construction work is carried out).

In any incomprehensible situation it is better to choose parking in reverse. This is an effective way to save time and nerves. As practice shows, for example, with perpendicular parking, it is not every professional who can call in exactly the first time, and what can we say about beginners?The problem is that the turning radius is not always enough, and it is aggravated on the parking lots of shopping centers or in the courtyards with a narrow carriageway. And what to say about what a "pleasure" to travel then in reverse! Fortunately, automakers here also care about their customers and install even on relatively inexpensive models of automatic parking assistance.

Among other things, it is important to respect other drivers, their time and efforts to find a parking space. Try to get up so that passing drivers have no reason to say that you have taken a half or two places in short supply, guided by the principle of “park as much as I can.” It is sometimes easier to find a place far away and walk the extra 100 meters to your destination than to waste your nerves in an attempt to park the car at the nearest, but uncomfortable parking spot.

- How not to lose the car in the parking lot?

In addition to the problem of finding free space, it is sometimes even more difficult to find your iron horse in endless rows of parked cars. The easiest way - when leaving the car in the cards of the smartphone to put a geotag. For completely forgetful, they invented many different applications: iCarPark, Car Finder AR and others.The principle of their operation is approximately the same - the program draws a route to the mark of a parked car.

If you are an adherent of the "old school" or the phone suddenly sat down, then a less modern, but still effective way is using your own memory. Leaving the car, look, in front of what it is located (signs on the shopping center, some objects). You can also memorize the section where you parked. They are marked on all large parking lots (for very large give out parking tickets). Try using different mnemonics to memorize landmarks, or just take a picture of the series on the phone.

- I have a flat tire. What if I'm alone on the road?

Unfortunately, each driver sometimes has various troubles on the road. One of these moments may be a flat tire. Many modern cars are equipped with tire pressure monitoring systems, which, when standard indicators change, give an audible signal and display a corresponding message on the display.

However, if suddenly the wheel has punched or lowered, it is important to strictly follow the rules. First of all, try to remove the car from the roadway.If this is not possible, turn on the emergency light and set an emergency stop sign (at a distance of 30 m if you are outside the city, and 15 m if the incident occurred on city streets). Carefully read the terms of your insurance, sometimes in the policy of "Casco" is included exit emergency service or a tow truck.

Moreover, many automakers have their own programs to help clients in emergency situations. Thanks to this service, a technical specialist can always help you, who will allow you to troubleshoot the car and solve the problem, and if the car cannot continue, it will be evacuated to an authorized dealer.

- How to understand which side is the gas tank?

It is no secret that even experienced drivers periodically forget which side the tank is on, and this leads to curious cases at a gas station. To drive to the column on the right side, look at the fuel gauge on the dashboard. Next to the column sign you will see an arrow indicating the side from which the tank is located. In cars older than 10 years, such an arrow may not be. In this case, pay attention towhich side the filling hose is drawn on the gas station icon on the common dashboard, as a rule, on the same side is the fuel tank of the car.

- Where to pour omyvayku and antifreeze?

The washing liquid has an ugly property to end in a slushy rainy day. In order not to literally hit the face, you need to know a few simple rules. As a rule, modern cars give a signal when there is little left in the washing fluid, so it is possible to replenish its level in time. If for the first time you are faced with a situation where you need to pour the omyvayka yourself, the main thing is not to confuse the required tank and not to pour water into the oil tank or into the tank with antifreeze. Now the majority of automakers point out the important elements for drivers under the hood, for example, a compartment for omyvayki, antifreeze and even metal parts, which can be held in a different color. To fill up the omyvayku, you need to look for a blue lid with a schematic windshield and a fountain painted on it.

- I drive a car with automatic transmission. Why do I need a neutral gear?

In the modern world, the inhabitants of the metropolis often drive cars with automatic transmission.But this does not mean that neutral transmission is a relic of the past and there is no benefit from it. First, it is needed when towing a car. Only in this way, without damaging the mechanisms of the car, you can roll it to the place of parking or repair. Before any towing, be sure to read the rules for different types of towing and instructions on how to prepare the car (included emergency gangs, parking lights, headlights, etc.). In addition, it is better to check the trunk from the first trip for the presence of a spare wheel, a jack, a towing cable and an eyelet - a special towing hook.

The second function of "neutral" - parking, so that the car does not roll back, you can move the gear knob to the "N" position and stop the engine. However, this is not always convenient, it is much more familiar to set the speed switch to the “P” position and go about your business.