Glowing Tomatoes!

So, now to the point, you will need:
  • Syringe;
  • Matches (preferably with a high content of phosphorus);
  • Sodium hypochlorite (whiteness, bleach);
  • Hydrogen peroxide. And not 3% from the pharmacy solution, but 30% or a steep solution of hydroperit — is sold in a pharmacy in tablets;
How to do: First, scrap the sulfur with matches with a knife, we collect it in a small container. Fill with  sodiumhypochlorite(bleach),andwaitabout20minutesuntiltwolayersform.Usingasyringe,extracttheliquidandinjectitintothetomatofromallsides,indifferentplaces.Well,almosteverything.Next,withthesamesyringe,injectintothecenterofthetomato hydrogenperoxide,turnoffthelightandwatchhowitlightsup.All,nowyoucandowiththetomato almost  whatever your heart desires. DO NOT EAT IT, IT ONLY CAN BECOME THE LAST YOUR TOMATO IN THIS LIFE!