a guest25.06.16 19:01

Good afternoon, Zlata!

I want to ask you for advice.

I feel a sense of longing and loneliness, especially when I realize that I have no real friends. I have a young man living together. On weekends I usually stay alone. it works. With friends, communication came to naught, because one has a problem with the conception of the second child and her husband, and the other is not married, but has completely gone into work and study and they are not up to me. We are going with friends now almost several times a year on someone's birthday and on the eighth of March (sometimes). I usually speak as the initiator of communication: I will buy tickets to the theater and invite everyone, then I will call to the cinema. And recently, I realized that one of the girlfriends does not respect my young man (they are war brothers and sisters): they can yell at him, or quip. And once she told him that he was henpecked. I do not like her behavior towards my young man. Previously, they communicated so well, but now everything’s not that ... And I’m kind of familiar, but you don’t communicate with them as much as you do with your friends. What should I do?


Good day! Feeling of melancholy and loneliness rolls on you not because of bad relations with friends, but because of bad relations with a young man. He gives you little attention and works on weekends, he does not call you to the theater and not able to repulse his cousin and change her attitude to himself, and this he does not make you an offer and does not create a family. And that you all endure and are looking for attention and communication on the side, because there is not enough courage to admit that it’s not so everything is rosy with you and a young man. My advice, ask yourself honestly, in silence, light a candle beforehand, turn off the light: “Why do I live with this person? Where did it lead me? I love him? I really want to live with him all my life, if now I’m so sad and lonely? Where do these feelings come from? Where my anguish is born? Maybe I am saddening for my former easy, interesting and rich life, for those feelings, and not for my girlfriends? And now, when I began to live with him (name), did I all go out? I want this for myself? I was born for this? Where am I going? What is my goal? What does our cohabitation give me? What do I personally give him (name)? I want I make him happy? Do I want to start a family with my younga man (name)? Does he want to marry me? Or do we live out of inertia, out of habit, just so convenient? When was the last time we laughed, ran, held hands? We considered stars? We played badminton? We went to the cinema? Theater "Restaurant? To visit? Rested on the sea? Are we a couple at all? Are we one? Or is it on his own, does he have his own goals, and am I alone, in longing and loneliness?"

When you honestly answer all these questions, you will understand how to proceed. Good luck.