Green Dog Food

Green Dog FoodGreen dog food is used as additives to soups and porridges for lettuce, spinach, carrot and beet tops, radish tops, and parsley in their raw form, finely shredded. Young fresh nettles (dioecious and stinging), when fed, are ground and doused with hot water. From vegetables also use cabbage.


Salad. Lettuce leaves contain sugary substances, proteins, ascorbic and nicotinic acids, carotene, thiamine, tocopherols. The salad is rich in salts of calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, iodine, cobalt, zinc, organic acids.


Spinach is a garden vegetable. Spinach contains very rare for other vegetables vitamins P, PP, K, D, E, H, as well as B and C vitamins. A special feature of spinach is that vitamins C and A are not destroyed during cooking. Spinach is rich in proteins, iron.


It is contraindicated to use spinach for kidney stones, nephritis, gout, liver disease, gallbladder and duodenum.


Parsley. The plant is extremely rich in nutrients. In parsley, vitamin C is 10 times more than in lettuce, almost four times more than in lemons.According to the content of carotene, the plant is not inferior to carrots. In the parsley there are vitamins BьAT2, K, PP, folic acid, as well as salts of potassium, magnesium, iron, enzymatic substances, including inulin, which regulates the exchange of glucose in the blood. Parsley can be used as a means of increasing appetite, enhancing the secretion of digestive glands, as a diuretic, disinfectant and anti-inflammatory agent in diseases of the kidneys, liver, biliary tract, and heart disease.


Some foreign experts write about the effect of parsley juice on the oxidation processes in the body, its importance for maintaining the normal function of the adrenal glands and the thyroid gland.


Stinging nettle. In its leaves there are many vitamins C, Bt, AT2, trace elements (iron, copper, manganese). Nettle is rich in phytoncides, chlorophyll, organic acids, tannins, proteins.


Nettle stinging. It contains vitamins K, C, B2, pantothenic acid, carotene, salts of iron and calcium, proteins, starch, fiber.


Cabbage. For feeding dogs, white cabbage is used (in fresh and sour form), which is a source of vitamins C. K.


Green dog food should be fresh, not lethargic, not moldy, without foreign smells. Before use in food, these products should be well washed in clean water.


To the tubers belong potatoes and ground pear (Jerusalem artichoke). Potatoes are a nutritious product. Its chemical composition depends on the variety, soil, fertilizer and size of tubers. Water in potatoes - an average of 75%. Dry matter contains 20–21% of BEV (mainly starch), 2% of nitrogenous substances, 0.8% of crude fiber, 0.9% of minerals, among which potassium prevails. Carotene in potatoes is not enough, but Bi, B vitamins2and vitamin C contains a fairly significant amount.


The digestibility of potatoes is high. Potatoes are fed only boiled in soup, chowder, in the form of mashed potatoes. Before cooking it must be washed. Remove spoiled, rotten, moldy tubers. Potato tuber contains toxic substance - solanine; at the same time, in the pulp of solanin tuber there is little 1-10 mg per 1 kg), and in the peel there is much more (30-60 mg per 1 kg). Especially a lot of solanine - up to 400-700 mg per 1 kg - in sprouts of sprouted potatoes, as well as in unripe, rotted and green (lying in the light).


Solanine causes a disease of the digestive organs and nervous disorders, therefore, before boiling, potatoes are well cleaned, sprouts are removed, and water is poured after boiling.


On average, a day can be fed to an adult dog no more than 150-200 g.


Ground pear, or Jerusalem artichoke, in composition is close to potatoes. It contains on average 20% of dry matter, of which 17% is carbohydrate. You can feed in raw form, finely chopped in addition to the ration.


Dogs can be fed tomatoes, eggplants, fruits (eaten by humans), green onions, feathers of garlic, etc. A couple of times a week it is recommended to give dogs 1-2 cloves of garlic, a small onion of onions.


In the winter, in the period of vitamin pumpkin porridge. Pumpkin contains up to 90% fasting, dogs are recommended to give water. The dry matter is more than polo-apples, sprouted in a box with earth blame consists of BEV. The content of pro-oats (sprouts), multivitamins. theine, fiber and ash varies in. From the melon crops of the dog willingly limits 1-2%. In 1 kg of fodder pumpkin eat pumpkin in boiled form, and also contains 0.12 feed unit.