Guide to men: fantastic creatures and where they live

Being in search of "their" man, most women forget that the objects of their lust are biological creatures. They have their habits, instincts and halo habitat. In order to finally determine what it is, your beast, where to look for it and how to tame it, we selected a number of individuals with their detailed description. The classification was based on the animals of the main character of the film “Fantastic Beasts and Where They Live”.


A sweet and shy creature, trying with all her might to stay in the shadows and not attract attention. They are very peaceful, benevolent, well brought up. The heel is distinguished by a slim build, small stature and a pleasant smile. In the opposite sex, she appreciates modesty, tidiness, and a sense of beauty.

You can meet men of this type at exhibitions, conferences, symposia or in the theater. It is not excluded that a cozy coffee shop or a summer park can be a meeting place.

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One of the most common individuals of the male sex. Rich, grumbling, but affectionate, inclined to corpulence. In its abdomen keeps all the most valuable, and nothing and no one will stand between him and the ringing coins. Flies for flattery. Esthete. Prefers beautiful and well-groomed women with poor intellectual abilities or who have the cunning not to show them.

You can meet this kind of animal in the popular clubs and restaurants of the city, at fashion shows, social events or in traffic on Garden.

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Thunder bird

A man of this type can be compared only with Apollo. Proud, majestic and brave bird, protector of the pack. He is not only handsome, but also smart. His charm knows no bounds, and women are drawn to him like a magnet. With all this, the Bird-thunder restrained and courteous, and often even cold. In his darling, he wants to see the keeper of the hearth, life partner and mother of his children.

Nowadays, this species is extremely rare, and women can safely add it to the Red Book. In this regard, the halo habitat is difficult to determine. Most often you can get acquainted with the Thunderbird at a business meeting, during a morning jog or on a journey.

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Aggressive animals, as a rule, large sizes.The main concern of this type of men is the satisfaction of their primary needs. Not different to art or science. Is strong. Demanding. It is difficult to contact unfamiliar people. Stubborn. He feels a special love for disputes, where he considers it necessary to prove his, the only true point of view. In women she values ​​appeasability, thrift and foresight.

There is no need to search for a ditch for a long time, its habitat is business enterprises, bars or sports stadiums. It can also be found in public transport or entertainment center.

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Camouflory looks like a monkey. He has the amazing ability to turn any problem into a farce. A man of this type has an uncommon sense of humor and amazing vitality. Easy to lift. Inquisitive. Camouflory is always open to something new and is not afraid to experiment, it is said about him: for any kind of kipish, except for a hunger strike. In women, this nimble animal appreciates lightness, sense of humor and the ability to support his most incredible ideas.

Find Camouflory is not so easy, because he is always in motion.Therefore, look for him at parties, in the gym or on the stage of KVN.

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Despite the friendly and playful disposition, the birchwood is one of the largest and most frightening male individuals. He spends most of his time in the gym. Egocentric, likes to be in the center of attention. Sometimes his determination and will to win knows no bounds. A woman who is next to this kind of men plays the role of a trophy, which not only was won with great difficulty, but also corresponds to the status of its owner.

Guessing where to find this mighty male is not at all difficult. Its habitat halo is sports halls and stadiums, and, depending on the season, entertainment areas and recreation parks.

Photo: Legion-Media

Diving sneak

Unlike previous male individuals, Dive-Bastard has the most sophisticated vision of the world. Its energy field can significantly affect others in a positive and negative way. Such men are often introverts, companies prefer loneliness, roller skating - books. They respect strong, self-sufficient women, who are able not only to withstand the character of the Diving Sinister, but to create a favorable atmosphere for its further intellectual development.

This wild and by its nature unique beast is found at events dedicated to science and various branches of knowledge, as well as in deserted public places or on the Internet.