Hare from the book "The Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"

Hare from the book "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"- a master class on making your own hare using the felting technique on a frame.

Materials and tools:


  1. thick paper;
  2. thick cord;
  3. wool for felting;
  4. sintepon;
  5. felting needles;
  6. thread;
  7. scissors;
  8. foam sponge;
  9. dry pastels;
  10. epoxy glue;
  11. decorative items.


Step 1

Let's draw a sketch of the future toy with a pencil on paper. Strictly respect the proportions of the construction of the body. Mark the main lines with a marker.

Step 2

Now we lay the wire over the sketch and, twisting it, repeat the main lines and body connections.

Step 3

Next, take a synthetic winterizer and cut it into long strips parallel to the fiber, which will allow it to stretch and form volumes.

Step 4

We wind the wire cage with strips of a synthetic winterizer, laying the main forms of the future figure.

Step 5

Now with a strong thread fix the sintepon on the frame, slightly pulling it. Cut the thread.

Step 6

Add the missing volumes using the padding polyester. It is important to take into account the hitting of the felt by about 30-40%, that is, we form volumes more than is required.

Step 7

We tear off a piece of wool from the combed ribbon and mix the wool with each other by tearing movements.

Step 8

Next, with the help of a thick needle for felting, we begin to roll the wool to the frame. At the same time, the needle should penetrate into the frame as deeply as possible, ripping up wool and synthetic winterizer.

Step 9

Evenly we roll the whole frame with wool. We form volumes, if necessary, adding wool. We change the needle at the stage when the felt has felled tightly enough and the needle begins to penetrate with effort.

Step 10

On a felting mat or a foam sponge, you roll your arms and legs.

Step 11

Roll the base of the hare's legs, evenly dropping the wool with a needle and fingers. Separately, we roll each finger, at the base leaving the wool free for the subsequent connection of parts. We roll our fingers to the base.

Step 12

By the same principle, wag your second leg and arm. We do not forget to leave wool in a free state on all separately knitted details at the base.

Step 13

Separately, roll your head and tint it with dry pastel with a brush. We put in our eyes. We make a mustache from a thin translucent fishing line with a needle. We fix them with knots under the cheek, and then we fill them with small pieces of wool of color.

Step 14

We connect the head with the frame with the help of the wool left at the base.

Step 15

We combine hands and feet on the same principle, adding wool if necessary in those places where the density of the toy is uneven.

Step 16

Now we are grinding the finished work with the thinnest needle, putting on the clothes sewed in advance for the hare and fixing the accessories.In this case, the cap cup is glued with transparent epoxy glue.

A hare from the book "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"is ready.