Harry potter matured and shocked by his fans

The idol of millions was drawn and grew a beard.

It seems that every other girl in her childhood was in love with Harry Potter, and then she dreamed of meeting the actor who played this role. But over time, Daniel Radcliffe completely ceased to resemble his, perhaps, the main character.

Recently, fans of the actor began to notice that he seemed to have ceased to look after himself: he leaned over and even let go of his beard. And in the comments to his photos on Instagram, it is increasingly possible to meet quite unflattering comments. Including from the Russian-speaking users.

“Is it true Harry Potter? I do not believe "," More like a homeless than a successful actor. Why doesn’t she take care of herself? After all, he earns his face ”,“ Maybe he abuses bad habits? ”, Suggested the subscribers of his page.

But some fans decided to stand up for their beloved actor and stressed that they only need to shave and put their hair on to become a sex symbol again.

Now Daniel Radcliffe is 28 years old.Despite the fact that most of his fans remember the actor precisely because of the role of Harry Potter, the Englishman managed to get quite a few other star roles - he can be seen in Horn, Jungle, Absolute Power, Woman in Black and other Hollywood blockbusters, and often starring.