Hawaii rained gemstones

Residents and guests of the Hawaiian Islands are perplexed and rejoicing. The Kilauea volcano that frightened them since the beginning of May ceased to “curse”, spewing lava, and gave them precious stones, namely chrysolites.

Meteorologist Erin Jordon writes on Twitter: “My friends live in Hawaii, right next to the place where lava flows. And here, in the midst of all this horror and stress from what else they should expect from the volcano, they suddenly saw the earth strewn with chrysolite pebbles. This is literally a precious rain. Nature is truly amazing. ”

Geologists at the University of Hawaii claim that the stones are not a miracle at all, but the result of a volcanic eruption. “Boiling lava literally freezes in the air, transforming into a stone known as pumice. The transformation occurs so quickly that under the influence of gases in the pumice holes are formed. Chrysolite rain poured from these holes, ”the scientists tried to explain in simple language.

Publication from Yahoo Canada (@yahoocanada)14 Jun 2018 at 11:42 pdt

Alas, actually awake to the ground olivine does not represent a special jewelry value. But they brought a little joy to the Hawaiians and gave a reason to boast beautiful green pebbles in social networks.