Healing opportunities of China

Based on these natural riches in China, a huge number of resorts have been built, in sanatoriums of which such procedures as aromatherapy, acupuncture, mud therapy, inhalation, balneotherapy, baths and wraps are offered. With their help, the respiratory organs, the digestive system, the heart and blood vessels, endocrine diseases, kidneys, as well as gynecological diseases, disorders of the nervous and immune systems are treated.

One of the popular Chinese resorts is Weihai - a city surrounded by sea waters from three sides. The weather is surprisingly favorable, the climate is mild, and spacious beaches have been built. In Weihai there are several healing springs, which are distinguished by the widest spectrum of action for various diseases. The chemical composition of this water contains 20 types of trace elements, which allows it to cure many diseases, especially arthritis, rheumatism, nervous and vascular diseases, and relieve stress.

Another famous Chinese resort is the city of Anshan.It is famous for the world's largest statue of Buddha, made of jade, jade village, as well as a healing thermal spring. The composition of the water includes sodium, manganese, iron, potassium. In addition to the mineral spring in Anshan, there are also mud springs with a temperature of + 45 degrees. With these, you can cure arthritis, rheumatism.

In parallel with the traditional medicine in the resort of Anshan they use modern methods of treatment. Due to this, many people choose Chinese resorts as resorts.