How beautiful to braid hair?

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How beautiful to braid hair?

Hair for the girl is her decoration and pride. A rare girl or woman does not care for her hair, and few of them do not know how it is advantageous to emphasize the shape of a face with a haircut, add a dress or express their mood in a haircut. Any hair, regardless of length, can be turned into a work of art using bows, invisibility, varnish or wax for hair. For some hairstyles, for example, using braids, you may only need stealth, if the hair is docile and healthy. In this article we will explain how to braid short, medium and long hair quickly and beautifully.

Short hair

Braid short hair can be no worse than long. For example, a double braid on bangs will look wonderful on short hair.

  1. Prepare your hair - for this curl them or apply on the ends of a means for styling (quite a bit).
  2. Separate the front of the hair and stab it on the right and left behind the ear.
  3. Twirl the remaining hair on both sides and secure at the back.
  4. Now take a strand from the front hair and braid the braid, twist the end of which and hide it in the curled hair.
  5. Braid hair in the same way.
  6. Fix the hair with a strong hairspray.

You can decorate your hair with flowers, bows, hairpins with large stones and pearls.

Medium hair

Classic French braid - a wonderful and practical hairstyle. It is perfect for a celebration, and for every day. This hairstyle has various variations, therefore, having learned to weave a French braid, you will discover many options for hairstyle.

  1. Comb your hair thoroughly.
  2. Take the right strand and flip it through the central strand.
  3. Repeat the same with the left strand.
  4. Weave the hair strands and do it carefully, until the braid is woven. When the hair for weaving runs out, do the usual braid.
  5. Secure with a rubber band or a bow.

Keep in mind that when using thin strands the braid will be more taut and thin. If you decide to use strands thicker than medium for interlacing, the braid will be freer and more voluminous.

Long hair

On the long hair looks good braid-rim.It can be infinitely supplemented, for example, by dismissing loose hair, gathering them in a ponytail. On the side, you can attach a flower or neat hairpin.

  1. Split hair from ear to ear. Leave hair along the growth line, remove the rest in a bun or tail.
  2. Starting from the left ear, braid the French braid. Do not take too large strands for weaving.
  3. When the hair to weave out, fasten it with a barrette or rubber band and continue to weave the classic braid.
  4. Secure the tip of the braid stealth or neat hairpin and dissolve the hair.

As you know, the options for braiding hair are huge. Often, girls improve, simplify or add something to the rules of braid braiding for their own convenience and beauty. You can also try to open something of your own, pick up a braid, so that it favorably emphasizes the shape of your face, and the accessory to the braid emphasizes your eyes, lipstick or combined with a pattern on your clothes.