How beautiful to tie sneakers?

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How beautiful to tie sneakers?

Having bought fashionable sneakers, it does not always work out beautifully and at the same time it is fashionable to tie shoelaces. In this case, the beauty of lacing is not only in the variant of tying, but also the use of multi-colored laces. The overall look of your shoes and your entire image will depend on how beautifully you can tie up sneakers.

Classic way

In this way, not only sneakers, but also shoes or sneakers are laced up.

The lace is threaded into the holes from the inside out evenly on both sides, crossing the ends of the laces from left to right. This variant of lacing is traditional and simple even for a child.

For high sneakers

If you wear high-top sneakers and like to dress in an original way, try beautifully tying the laces on the sneakers in this way.

The advantages of this method are also in the fact that, having long laces on ordinary sneakers, you will have no problem what to do with unnecessary ends.

First you need to thread both ends of the lace into the bottom holes and bring them out. After laces pass through the holes that are higher, crossing the ends and stretching them under the laces from the bottom row. And so on to the very top.As a result, both cross-shaped crossings and decorative vertical loops are obtained, which give originality to this type of lacing.

Butterfly mode

This way of tying shoelaces is suitable for women's shoes. Outside it turns out tying in the form of a butterfly or a bow. This option turns out pretty neat, and especially practical when you need to save on the length of the lace.Sneakers

In order to tie in the “butterfly” way, you need to start lacing from the bottom, taking both ends of the lace from the inside out, immediately make a cross and return to the wrong side. There to go vertical "small steps" to the holes, which is higher and again withdraw the ends there.

The principle of tying is that the outside of the cord runs with a cross, and from the inside out - with invisible vertical “steps”.