How best to have sex?

The psychiatrist Sigmund Freud was the very first scientist who began to study the true psychology of sex. He opened this very topic, because before it was believed that the act has no other attributes, except for the continuation of the kind and simple physiological factors. Freud outlined several main aspects of how to have sex. The first aspect is feelings, because sex without emotion and affection will lead to frustration. It does not mean the desire to live with this person all his life, but only the presence of sympathy with your partner and you. Also one of the important aspects of intimacy is affection. During the caresses, women more closely recognize a partner and become closer to him not so much in terms of physical, but also in terms of psychological. And the main thing is getting pleasure, because this is the principle of having sex.

Psychological preparation for intimacy

If a man plans to have good sex in the evening, then his task is to show maximum attention to his partner in the morning and during the day.It can even be divided into stages:

  • You can start with a gentle kiss in the morning or something that would give the girl the right mood and the gradual development of waiting for close contact with a man.
  • During the day, it is worthwhile to say intimate things to each other, with regards to underwear, physiology and fantasies. In this behavior there is no vulgarity, especially when it comes to the relationship between regular partners. It may be a banned when the chief addresses in this way to his secretary. Partners, on the other hand, have reason to be open and honest in dealing with each other, especially if they express ideas of a sexual nature or intimate compliments.
  • If you want to know how to have sex well, then you need to prepare a place for sex not at the moment when the intimacy has already begun and is about to begin. Someone will have to wait for another to walk, open or close windows, fix curtains, turn on the lights, etc.
  • For making love you need the right lighting. It is better suited for this yellow warm lower light, which hides the flaws of the exterior and shape. Since falling shadows only add to sexuality.If it is cold fluorescent light, then such lighting brightly illuminates the flaws and shows all the flaws. Therefore, it is important to create a suitable lighting.
  • What kind of sex is better to do - stormy or gentle, depends on your preferences, but a certain amount of romance still has to be. It is better to buy a special lamp of warm light for proximity. Such a lamp can be with a dimmer, or glowing in the dark with a special pattern. It is also good to light candles that will flicker beautifully.
  • Everything in intimate relationships should be as natural as possible. Not necessarily seeking to have sex daily or several times a day. It is necessary to comply with some measure. So partners can relax and gain new ideas for making love. But if sex life cannot be called normal and regular, then it is worth thinking about adding something to this life from this list.

Sex techniques

The question of which pose is best for sex is also individual, since postures are directly related to the physiological characteristics of the partners — height, weight, and physique. Therefore, its own features and peculiarities of the partner must be considered first of all, selecting suitable poses.Select poses for sex can be a treatise on the techniques of proximity - the Kama Sutra. This Indian ancient treatise describes in detail and illustrates all possible and suitable postures for having sex. In this teaching, positions are described incredibly fully and understandably for understanding, and by applying them, partners can get the most out of sex.

If you decide to turn to this treatise, then you must think about the security of your partner and your own safety, since most of the Kama Sutra poses are very difficult to carry out, and sometimes even completely impossible. You can stop at the more common postures - "rider", sitting on a woman's partner, or posture behind. At the same time diversifying these poses by changing the position of the legs, moving them closer or spreading them wider. The main thing in the techniques of sex - is to abandon the patterns. You can make love as you please. The main thing in sex - the comfort of you and your partner. Under the template refers not so much posture of a certain kind, but rather, the very idea of ​​the sexual act. For example, the obligatory presence of preliminary caresses, a certain prelude are considered to be expected.But, if you repeat the same thing, then a routine will come.

Places for sex

  • Motel or hotel. Contrary to popular belief, not only adultery happens in hotels. Permanent partners can also stop there. Such places are good for role-playing games, especially with the participation of such characters as the maid and guest. But this is an expensive option and is suitable for those who have enough money.
  • Outdoors. There are always few people in the forest and there are a large number of secluded places where you can “quench” your passion. But this is quite a bold act, because people may still appear, which will add to you only nervousness. Also worth buying a potent drug for insect bites.
  • Car. In general, in the car to have sex is quite convenient. Depending on the size of the partners and on the brand of car, there are more than a dozen special positions suitable for cars. The main thing is that all fragile places - glass, glove box, dashboard remain intact. On this basis, strive to choose postures in which the legs will not be located at the indicated places.
  • You should not have sex in the theater box, on the plane, on the springboard, the Ferris wheel, crane, public beaches, park benches and in the vestibule train.Also, do not indulge in love in the notorious elevators and stairwells. It is still necessary to comply with the norms of public order.

Even so, you choose where to have sex, based on personal preferences.