How can a guy become a girl?

Evgeny Lukashenko
Evgeny Lukashenko
May 31, 2012

The world around us is changing rapidly. Often, its changes do not satisfy the wishes of many people, or they do not lead to the results that most people are used to watching. I am now smoothly leading you to the idea that in recent times many people have been trying to change their gender. Shift the responsibility for this on the shoulders of our society, dazzling with feminism, or look for a reasonable explanation for this? Why does a guy want to be a girl?

Yes, of course, this whole society is to blame for the fact that a lot of young guys want to become girls. But how can society influence the person who grew up in a purely male company, for example? Educated on the ideals of courage and bravery, courage and hardness of other men? Where do these guys get the desire to change their gender? Obviously, society has nothing to do with it.

Scientists have found the answer to this riddle. There is an assumption that with the emotional failure of the mother at a certain stage of development of the embryo of the future man there isthe likelihood of "mixing" of the chromosomes and, accordingly, shifts and upheavals in the mind of the child.

Guy is not easy to become a girl

Why is not easy? There are many clinics specializing in sex change operations! There are many clinics, but even more willing to become a girl from a guy. Therefore, huge queues are created. Most likely, in anticipation of the operation, you will spend not months, but years. And these years will be difficult: all sorts of delays due to the health care system, a lot of tests for mental deviations ... And if you find a mental disorder, you will be denied sex reassignment surgery.

The way of the guy turn into a girl

Yes, it exists. The method is somewhat unusual, but what should be expected, because we decided to correct the shortcomings of Mother Nature! Let's talk about the phenomenon of transvestites.

It's so simple, really: we put on women's clothes instead of things we are used to, we make a make-up, and that's it! The guy became a girl. Though outwardly, and not on the physical level, but believe me, many are trying to achieve such skill in this that it becomes almost impossible to distinguish a real girl from a transvestite.

Yes, it is a heavy burden - to be a transvestite, but at least it will deprive you of the need to spend big money on the operation, and if you wish, you can always wash off cosmetics, change clothes and become like a man again!

Having considered the basic ways of becoming a girl as a guy, we only wish to be firmly confident in our choice.