How can you use ammonia?

Ammonia is a common name for ammonia, which is a 10% ammonia solution. Means for sale in the pharmacy network and used in medicine. For most of us, ammonia is associated with a colorless substance that promotes the removal of a person from fainting due to a sharp, specific odor. However, its amazing properties apply to domestic needs, household purposes and even garden work.

Ways of effective use of ammonia are diverse and universal. It also depends on the price and availability of funds. Economical housewives have long used it for different purposes, passing on experience to their children. Despite the presence of a variety of detergents, disinfectants and cleaning products, ammonia remains still in demand. Consider some of the ways to use it.

"No" to stains, "yes" to white color

In everyday life, we regularly encounter pollution of a different nature.Here, ammonia solution is used most often, especially when the use of detergent-cleaning products is ineffective or difficult. Excellent salvor in cleaning carpet and furniture upholstery.

For shoes made of suede and haberdashery (bags, gloves), it is - just a godsend! It is enough to apply the product on a cotton pad and wipe the contaminated surface several times. Fat spots on any tissues are also not a problem. They should be treated with ammonia and washed thing in a washing machine.

How to determine the concentration of the solution? The most gentle and effective will be the composition of one part of the funds and five parts of water. It all depends on the structure of the material and the degree of contamination. The greater the concentration - the greater the cleaning effect.

Whitening properties of ammonia enhances hydrogen peroxide. Together, this is the perfect assistant for returning whiteness to washed items, especially for children.

On your Christmas party, your child’s tights will be the whitest if you soak them in hot water for a couple of hours, where fifty milliliters of peroxide and twenty-five ammonia are added to five liters of it.Of course, preliminary things must be thoroughly washed, and after the whitening is rinsed.

We clean and disinfect

With the help of the tool, you can not only clean the surfaces, but also disinfect them at the same time. Tile, sink, oven - almost the whole apartment can be washed with a solution of ammonia, which will make the chandeliers and mirrors flash, make the windows of the windows and doors transparent, without divorce.

The sole of the iron is perfectly cleaned with ammonia, the floor and the stove. It will remove mold and fungus between the tiles, disinfect the comb, which is difficult to wash well. Successfully applied dishwashing detergent. It will return the original appearance to silver and cupronickel cutlery.

Salve for beauty

This is another amazing property of the substance, which allows you to restore the beauty and brilliance of jewelry. Gold and silver are soaked in the solution to remove contaminants from any places difficult to clean.

And baths with it will return beauty to skin of legs! Dry problem skin on the feet and an unpleasant smell will be a thing of the past if a little salty ammoniac is dripping into the warm water for the procedure.

From smell and insects

The tool will help clean the house from unwanted insects. This is an effective repellent in the fight against red ants who love to settle in the kitchen. Mosquito bite, anointed with ammonia, quickly stops itching.

If a persistent unpleasant smell arose in the house, then you can also get rid of it with an ammonia solution, you just need to place containers with it in the apartment. After thoroughly airing the room from ammonia vapors, there will be no trace of the odor left.

As a fertilizer

Even in the garden and garden, ammonia is useful! In limited quantities, it is used to feed seedlings, to strengthen it and make it more viable. As a fertilizer, the tool is useful for some varieties of flowers - lilies, clematis, geraniums. As a top dressing - for cucumbers. Fifty grams of the substance is dissolved in four liters of water.

So, where can you use this multifunctional tool:

  • in medicine;
  • at home;
  • in horticulture and floriculture;
  • in cosmetic procedures.

It is advantageous to use it and everyone can use it with caution.Do not apply inside, do not apply to mucous membranes, do not inhale vapors. The range of application of ammonia is quite wide and it is not limited to the methods listed above.

Agree, this is quite an effective and inexpensive tool that deserves our attention. One universal substance in the house that can replace a lot of cleaning-detergents - an economical hostess on a note!

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