How can you name a clan?

Dmitry Medvedev
Dmitry Medvedev
December 28, 2012
How can you name a clan?

With time, many lovers of online games are beginning to be concerned about the question: how can a clan be named in a cop or any other game? Some simply do not have enough imagination, while others can choose the most appropriate name from the proposed options. In fact, relying on an uncomplicated algorithm, you can easily solve the problem of creating a name, and answer the question: "How can you call a clan?"

Important points to consider:

  • There must be a direct connection between the name of the clan and the participants.
  • The name of the clan should reflect the activities of the team.
  • It would be nice if the name is the processed derivative of the names of all members of the group. In addition, it will have a positive effect on the unity of the team, because everyone will feel like a part of one whole.

We invent a clan name

Now a little more about the process of developing the name of the clan. Of course, you should consider the type of game. After all, for the MMORPG and, for example, for CS, the same names are not suitable. It is also worth paying attention to the language.Most of the players prefer to use English due to the fact that there are no problems with it when translating to Latin. If you give your preference to Russian, and the game allows you to give names in our language, then you can come up with the Russian name of the clan.

As a rule, the basis of any name is the main symbol, whose task is to transfer the main idea of ​​the name. The choice of this element should be approached responsibly.

Here are some variations of these symbols, with examples of titles:

  • Symbol-color. It is one of the most popular elements, thanks to a wide range of colors that carry a certain emotional coloring. For example, Crimson Sunset or Black Lotus in the English equivalent of Crimson Tide and Black Lotus, respectively.
  • The symbol is a phenomenon. Using a similar element, you will get a deeper, and slightly abstract name. Here are examples: Advent or Moonlight (Advent or Moonlight)
  • Character Characteristic. Usually this element is an adjective that displays characteristics, material, etc. Steel Fists - steel fists.

By fantasizing, you can expand the list of these characters, which will allow you to create more and more new ideas for clan names.