How color affects people

According to psychologists, color is definitely able to exert a physical and mental influence on a person. Based on the preferences of certain colors in clothing, for example, we can assume what kind of temperament is inherent in a person, in what state of mind he is at the moment. By the way, in this matter it is not at all necessary to study books on psychology. It is easy to guess that people who prefer bright colors are likely to be cheerful and optimistic. But lovers to dress in dark colors, perhaps prone to depression or have certain health problems.
Of course, the same color can affect each person differently. And yet, each color has its own specific properties. For example, white color inspires and personifies faith, lightness and sincerity. And black as a sponge absorbs the events happening around, including negative ones.
Red lovers, as a rule, are strong and ambitious personalities, and sometimes aggressive.Yellow - one of the most optimistic colors, associated with a warm, sunny, summer day. But the pink color is preferred by romantic and friendly natures. Adherents of violet shades are often creative people, and brown color of clothes in most cases is chosen by balanced individuals of mature age.
Each color has its own energy. Surprisingly, it can change a person’s mood at one time or another, and even the physiological processes that take place in the body. One of the modern trends in alternative medicine is color therapy (or chromotherapy), which can cure only under the influence of certain colors.
So, having chosen the appropriate color, the person will be able to cheer himself up and self-esteem. Play with color, and your life will certainly become brighter and more fun!