How cursed?

A curse is a ritual, the purpose of which is to inflict certain harm upon the person who is being cursed. Often in everyday life, many people curse each other, without even thinking about how their words can affect the fate of a person. This is an unconscious curse. Of course, the curse can and specifically - such curses are more diverse and can lead to various consequences in human life. Let's see how a person can be cursed. To do this, consider the types of curses, as well as methods of their guidance.

How to curse: types and methods

This is how people can be cursed in different ways. It is worth saying that a person’s knowledge that he was cursed or belief in his curse strengthens the destructive power of the curse. A good defense is unbelief and a conscious denial of the curse. If you still believe and see that a lot of bad things have suddenly happened in life, then try to turn to a professional who will help to remove the curse.

  • There is a general classification of curses. According to her curses are divided into gypsy, parental, church, household and curses that a person imposes on himself.
  • The curse can be accidental and deliberate, we have already mentioned this a little higher.Spoken words of a loved one (accidental) can badly affect the future of someone they curse. An intentional curse is always specifically directed at something: a person, his house, or anything else associated with him.
  • The curse may be specific or indefinite. With a specific curse, the damage is directed at something definite: at the individual person, the organ of his body, at his health, money income, etc. Under the influence of an indefinite curse, he is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Suppose someone cursed an evil thing and threw it on the road. The first person to pass by will be interested in an abandoned thing and take it in hand will be under the influence of a curse.
  • Curses can also be discerned by who leads him. Impose a curse can a specialist (witch, black magician, sorcerer), the goal - revenge, influence, protection of something from a person who is cursed. Such a curse can affect immediately or after many years. A non-expert can also impose a curse, one who has enough energy and anger for this, so that the words of the curse could have a negative effect on the person.The most dangerous are curses that are directed by people with religious or political authority, as well as those who are dying and homeless.
  • There are also curses on who or what they can be put on. They can impose a curse on one person, on a small group of people (family, neighbors), on a large group of people (adherents of a certain political party, members of a club), on the people, nation, whole civilization. Also, a curse can be put on a thing, on a place (where accidents, murders, etc. can often occur later), on houses, on mirrors, etc. Especially often mirrors are used to direct curses, since they are considered to be the corridor between the real and the other worlds are good energy storage devices and objects of influence on people. For example, it is believed that a curse can impose a mirror that has "seen" death or murder.
  • Curse happens in the first generation and polynomial. In the first generation, the curse is directed for the first time to one person; it is easier to remove it. A multi-generation curse damages the entire genus and can increase with each generation.Such a curse passes from father to son, from mother to daughter, and it is difficult to lift it.
  • Curse can impose a different purpose. Usually curses are divided into malicious and deadly. Malicious inflict any physical and psychological damage - fatigue, madness, illness, suffering, lack of money, etc. Deadly curses are aimed at the destruction of one person or several people.
  • There are curses and method of targeting. So, there are verbal curses (only words are used), as well as ritual curses, in which different objects are used (earth from a cemetery, conspiracy, etc.).
  • Curses are distinguished by the method of exposure. Under the direct influence, the curse is realized in the presence of the damned person. In the case of a contactless person, he is cursed through the thing — a ritual is performed with the object belonging to the cursed person, and then he puts it back; man, using the thing, translates the curse into himself. This method also includes a curse induced through a figure that personifies the victim. Mixed curse combines both ways.