How do people lie?

As one famous cine doctor said: "Everybody lies." And this is true. There are no people who always tell the truth. The reasons for this are many. You can read more about them in our article. So, sadly, from time to time we all become victims of deception. You can learn how people lie by carefully looking at their actions, facial expressions and gestures, as well as listening to the words of the interlocutor.

How to determine that a person is lying on facial expressions

The first sign of a lie may be the "stone face". A person's facial expression changes every couple of seconds. However, if a person intentionally tells a lie, then he tries to control his emotions and his facial expressions, therefore his expression does not change for 5 seconds or more. Most often this happens if a person has prepared for a lie in advance. If a spontaneous lie, then a micro-expression of tension may appear on the face. This means that for a split second, a person or part of it comes into tension, and then again takes its usual expression.

Much more obvious, though not such unambiguous signs of lying, can be changes in the eyes, skin, and other parts of the face.For example, the skin of the face suddenly turns red or pale, the pupils dilate, the interlocutor blinks more often, or his lips quiver. It is rather difficult to determine a lie only by these signs, therefore it is better to follow the gestures of a potential liar. Read more about the liar mimic in our article How to understand by sight? Lying or not lying.

How to determine that a person is lying on the gestures

Typical for a liar are the following gestures:

  • frequent touch of face
  • covering the mouth and rubbing the nose
  • touching your neck (for example, pulling off a collar, straightening a tie, shuffling a chain or other jewelry around your neck).

In order to accurately determine the lie by gestures, it is necessary to take into account how typical the person is gestures in general, how often he uses certain gestures in the process of communication.

How to determine that a person is lying according to

Learning a lie by words is not so simple, and it is imperative to evaluate not only and not so much the words and phrases themselves, but the whole conversation with intonations, pauses, voice timbre and even its volume.

Often a sign of lies can be a reservation. However, in the case of reservations, one should take into account howoften in his speech a person makes similar mistakes. Some people speak so quickly that reservations are typical.

Another possible version of the lie - evasion of response or subterfuge, for example, "I do not want to talk about it," "I do not remember this." However, a person uses such dodge and in situations where the topic of conversation is unpleasant to him.

In addition, unreasonable rudeness and aggression can be signs of lying in a conversation. Of course, this feature only works in situations where you have not told the other person anything that could cause discontent in him.

Find out how and when people lie, if you consider all the factors in the aggregate. Of course, to reveal the lies of a person with whom you communicate every day is much easier than that of an unfamiliar or unfamiliar person.