How does the frog jump?

Ekaterina Zhukova
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How does the frog jump?

Frogs are very ancient animals belonging to the order of tailless amphibians. They existed on earth in the days of dinosaurs. The unique adaptability of frogs provided the universality of their physiology and anatomy to life in the border zone (on land and in water at the same time). It is about these features of the frog anatomy, which will help us understand how the frog jumps, we will talk today.

How do frogs develop

Watching green frogs jumping on land, it is difficult to imagine that they came from the eggs and spent their �childhood� in the water, differing little from the fish fry externally. The tadpole turns into a terrestrial animal gradually, passing about thirty stages in its development. This miraculous transformation in science is called �metamorphosis�. The tail of the tadpole is gradually transformed into the hind legs, then the front ones appear. The circulatory system gradually changes, the lungs develop, and now the frog does not breathe with its gills, but with its lungs, mouth and skin, disabling its respiratory organs only when diving.And now the frog goes ashore to live on the border of land and water.

Why do frogs jump

To understand why frogs jump, it is enough to carefully examine its limbs. The hind legs of the frog are long, they are much better developed than the front ones (due to the constant presence of the frog in the water). They consist of ten pseudo-levers. In the water, the developed hind limbs help the frog to swim, and when it is on land, a sharp reflex muscle contraction occurs and a jump occurs. The front limbs of a frog are a kind of device for �soft landing�. How actively the frog jumps depends largely on the weather. The frogs are especially active in the evening, in cool and wet weather - this is the best hunting time for them.

Now you know how frogs jump. To learn more about frogs, we advise you to watch these amazing animals in their natural environment - in nature.