How not to dream?

Every person has dreams: someone dreams of his own apartment, someone - about promotion at work, and someone - about a world tour. Sometimes a dream becomes a goal to which one aspires, and quite often it remains just a dream that it is pleasant to think about. The situation is quite different if a person begins to live in vain dreams and lose touch with real life. In this article we will look at the pros and cons of a dream, as well as give advice on how not to dream and begin to achieve something in reality, and not in the world of dreams.

Determine the nature of the dream

Naturally, each of us at least occasionally indulges in some dreams, which in a given period of time seem to be impracticable. It would seem, then why think about them? But there are dreams that can be translated into reality, if you strive hard for this.

Therefore, it is very important to soberly assess how the realization of your dreams is possible and what your possibilities are for its realization. If you feel the necessary potential in yourself and know what to do, then you should not give up such dreams.

However, in situations where you are aware of the complete unreality of the desired and do not see ways to achieve it, you should try to avoid constant reflection on such dreams. In the opposite case, you face �imprisonment� in the illusory world, where everything happens as you want. But the reality has not been canceled yet, and you have to put up with it.

Often too much imagination and unwillingness to accept reality as it is, leads people to serious mental disorders. Therefore, give up those transcendental dreams that will not lead you to any positive results: �only that noble dream that carries creation in itself�.

Accept the real world and love it

If you do not know how to appreciate the advantages of your real life, then even the realization of your dreams will not bring you the expected satisfaction. As a rule, people who begin to live in their fantasies are not able to perceive their realization by virtue of habit.

They become accustomed to pleasant dreams, but if they suddenly discover that they have become a reality, or they refuse to believe in such a fact, or they simply become disillusioned with their former dream.From the point of view of psychology, this is due to the large gap of fantasies with the real world of man. Dreams are always too perfect to become valid.

Many people even admit that they are afraid of the fulfillment of their innermost desires: in such a case, the dream ceases to be a dream and a person has to find new dreams for himself.

If you are interested in how not to dream and learn to live a real life, try to notice in it not only the harsh gray ordinariness, but also the daily little joys. In a word, look for a reason for happiness at least in the fact that you woke up on a sunny morning and you have family, friends, work - something that many who do not want to be in your place do not have. Be content with what you have and you can get much more.

Set goals

And finally, it is much easier to achieve something, following real goals and striving for their realization. To do this, simply make a list of what you would like to achieve in the near future. Before each point write possible ways and options for achieving the goal. This will help you to realistically assess the situation without relying on illusions.

When your list is filled with checkmarks, with the fulfillment of each item your confidence will increase.You will feel strong and successful already in reality, and not in dreams. Believe me, this will bring you much more satisfaction and joy than vain dreams.

In addition, it is very likely that it is then that you will find the strength to implement your old cherished desires, which will already seem not just fantasies, but quite feasible goals.