How not to get better in the fall

You will need
  • - cardiovascular machines;
  • - dumbbells;
  • - scales;
  • - subscription to the pool.
To get the right amount of calories and not get better, change the diet. Eliminate the "fast" carbohydrates - baking, sweets, chips. Discard semi-finished products in batter, fatty meat and dumplings. Instead, eat cereals, cereal bread, poultry and fish, as well as soups. Autumn is not the best time for a diet, so try not to gain extra pounds.
Drink more. Give preference to clean water, homemade fruit drinks and freshly squeezed juices, half diluted with water. Suitable and green tea, which contributes to weight loss. Do not get carried away with drinks that allow you to quickly lose weight - they disrupt the water-salt balance in the body.
Pay special attention to cardio loads. Master the treadmill, stepper, exercise bike. For best results, vary the load. For example, after a ten-minute intense run, switch the simulator and walk for 15 minutes at a brisk pace.Ideally, cardio exercises should be given half an hour each day.
Start your morning with a gym. Master some simple exercises that work out your problem areas. If you are prone to gaining weight in the waist, twist the hoop, tilt, twist, and side stretch. Those who are dissatisfied with the volume of the hips, should perform squats of different depths and lift the legs in the legs.
Strengthen your body strength exercises. During autumn and winter, your muscles may lose their tone and you will find the spring not in the best shape. To the daily gymnastics add a small power complex. Do not deal with a lot of weight - for the beginning weights and three-kilogram dumbbells are enough.
Sign up for a pool. Two classes a week is enough to gain a lost summer tone. Do not waste time on splashing and talking with friends. Better swim a few tracks at a fast pace. The butterfly style burns calories the fastest. If you have not yet mastered it, take a few lessons from a trainer.
Try some new kind of fitness. This will improve not only your form, but also your mood. This can be callanetics, step aerobics, kickboxing or yoga. One class a week is enough to start. If you like the new fitness option, the intensity of your workouts can be increased.