How to accurately pick a ripe pineapple in the store

Pineapples have long been popular with all fruit lovers in our country. And this is due not only to the fact that they have a bright and rich taste. But also due to the fact that they contain a large amount of beneficial vitamins and trace elements: organic acids, vitamins A and B, sucrose, potassium, copper, iron and so on. Pineapples improve the metabolism in the human body, thin the blood, adjust the work of the cardiovascular system, lower blood pressure. Of course, only ripe fruits can be of particular benefit. And for this they need to choose the right store.

What to look for when choosing a ripe pineapple

1. Price. All pineapples come to us from abroad, mainly from Costa Rica. They are delivered by plane or by sea. Such delivery is expensive. Therefore, the price of high-quality pineapples will be appropriate. However, in some cases, sellers artificially inflate prices.

2 Manufacturer country. If there is a possibility, you can find out from which country these fruits were brought. The main suppliers of pineapples to Russia are Costa Rica, China, Ecuador, Colombia and the Philippines.

3. No unpleasant odor. A good and ripe pineapple has a light and pleasant aroma. If the smell is very saturated, it means that the fruit has already perepasl, and fermentation processes can begin in it.

4. If you take a pineapple in hand, the ripe fruit will be quite heavy. Fallen and overripe fruit eventually loses all moisture and dries. Consequently, its weight decreases.

5. When visually inspecting it, there should be no various damages, including stains and scratches.

6. Color. It is important that the color of the fruit is uniform. If the pineapple is green on top, it means that it is not ripe. And the dark spots between the scales indicate its decay. Quality pineapple should have a yellow-brown color.

7. When pressed on the peel of a ripe pineapple, it will return to its original state after some time. If at the same time the fruit is too hard, it means it is not ripe, and too soft - it overcame.

8. A ripe pineapple will have a hollow sound when patting it with your palm.

9. As for the leaves of pineapple, they should be green with slightly dried edges.This is a sign of fetal maturity. Also, any leaf should be easily separated from the fetus. But do not pull them out, it may not like the seller.

After choosing the right ripe pineapple in the store, you can use it as a fresh food, as well as prepare various dishes, including all kinds of salads.