How to achieve promotion?

Some people mistakenly believe that by fulfilling all the instructions of their superiors, by doing more work than their standards, they will certainly succeed. However, it is not. Why should you raise and pay more money if you do the same work for a small amount? But still, how to achieve a raise? We will discuss this in detail now.

Promotion at work: tactics

  1. You need to be able to "fill" your price. How to achieve promotion at work? Your main enemy in this matter is modesty. Spread the rumor about the great experience of your work, about the priceless qualities. Perform work ahead of schedule and try as often as possible to pay attention to this fact to the authorities.
  2. Dress strictly, but do not try to stand out on clothes among their colleagues. Be careful. Undoubtedly, greasy hair or dirty nails will not cause you a pleasant attitude. Try to do tasks that match your qualifications or tasks that can improve it. It is worth paying attention to those types of work, during which you will often meet with your superiors.Only in this way will management be able to identify and evaluate active, smart, energetic employees. Moreover, the value of such qualities as perseverance and diligence is greatly exaggerated.
  3. Spend time with colleagues, communicate more often. After all, it is this kind of communication that will help you to acquire quite good and influential connections that may be useful to you in the future.
  4. When talking with your boss, keep confident, with dignity, answer questions clearly, clearly, clearly, looking at the person you are talking to, in the eyes. This will better influence eye contact. Express your point of view, suggest new ideas and suggestions for improvement. If bosses are unhappy with your work, try to keep calm and respond to criticism with dignity. But do not tolerate humiliation! If your boss uses obscene language or goes to the person, feel free to make comments to him and put in place.

How to achieve promotion at work? The bosses very rarely decide to raise their employees. Therefore, you need to be the initiator. First of all, you need to choose the right moment to request a raise.Such moments can be the end of any difficult task, the introduction of the project, the delivery of a report or a pre-holiday period. Never ask for a raise verbally: the authorities can promise you this and immediately forget. Therefore, you will need to find out the prospects for your career growth in the personnel department of the enterprise where you work. After that, you can proceed with the promotion proposal in writing, listing which projects you have completed, all your merits and merits for your company. Also indicate what position you would like to be transferred.

If, however, you were denied this request, then there are two possible outcomes: either continue to “fill” the price, or go looking for a new job. And the second option is more real. But always look ahead. Try to find for yourself the maximum amount of information about this company, as some companies do not offer the possibility of promotion through the ranks. We hope that this article has given you some knowledge of how to achieve a pay rise and a raise at work.