How to adjust the biorhythms of children for the school year?

How do our children spend their holidays in the vast majority? Not in the sense of travel, entertainment, but in the sense of the regime. The very banal mode of the day, which loving parents try to carefully, scrupulously abide by during the school year and which children themselves do not like and do in every way. The same regime that either supports the biorhythms of a person, or breaks them, and with great damage to health. This problem is no less relevant for adults, but today we will talk about children.

So, most often, except for a small number of schoolchildren who always follow the regime (voluntarily or compulsorily), during the holidays our children violate it very much, going to bed late - and even very late - and sometimes waking up to 12 days.

A bit of theory: what are biorhythms and why is it so important to observe them?

Exceptional stability of the frequency of changes in light, temperature, humidity,geomagnetic field and other environmental parameters, caused by the movement of the Earth and the Moon around the Sun, allowed living systems in the process of evolution to develop stable and resistant to external influences temporary programs, manifestation of which are biorhythms. Such rhythms are fixed in our genetic structure, that is, as we say, doctors, genetically determined and predetermined.

How to adjust the biorhythms of children for the school year?

This means that absolutely all people are dependent on the time of day, primarily from the light and dark periods. I will not now talk about the influence of the phases of the moon, the time of year, my task is extremely simple - to explain that the state of our body, and especially of children, is extremely dependent on the daily biorhythm: sleep - wakefulness. Night sleep, which for different age groups of children and adolescents has a different length, is very different from those ideas about a dream that parents and their children have.

How much should you sleep?

Many fathers and mothers, seeing these numbers, will be horrified by how much their children are getting enough sleep, especially teenagers. But many middle school and even elementary school students also sleep much less than they are supposed to.Remember that a six- or even five-hour schoolchildren’s sleep is very little, very little! Most children are very sleepy. Parents will say that it is impossible to sleep more at current workload in schools. Others will try to explain the lack of sleep by the fact that their children are “owls” and are not able to fall asleep early. The last statement is fundamentally wrong, since it is quite easy to reconstruct exactly the "owls".

In children it is fashionable to go to bed very late. The later you go, the more mature! And so - despite the fact that the lessons have been taken, there is plenty of time for rest and sleep - the children take their favorite gadgets in their hands and plunge into the virtual world. The other guys, who are really very busy with their studies, really do not have enough time in a day.

What threatens?

The negative effect of prolonged sleep deprivation due to the disturbed regimen and, therefore, disturbed biorhythms will not slow down affecting the health of the child. These are inevitable complaints of headaches, fatigue, loss of memory and impaired cognitive abilities in general, it is, finally, somatic suffering.How much I have to listen to complaints of pain in the heart, abdominal pain! And in adolescents, especially in boys, there is a surge in blood pressure, and sometimes to very significant numbers. It is quite possible the transformation of these "jumps" into a real disease - hypertension. Or vice versa, a significant decrease in blood pressure is observed. Then there are complaints about headaches, as well as dizziness and fainting.

How to adjust the biorhythms of children for the school year?

These phenomena are very serious and are fraught with adverse complications, such as a brain stroke! Yes, unfortunately, it happens in children. Compensatory possibilities of the human body, and the child in particular, are enormous, but not unlimited. Therefore, sooner or later, complaints will certainly appear. Believe me, this is all very serious. And all this in the future forms the health of an adult. After all, as you know, all diseases come from childhood.

What to do?

At least two weeks before the start of the school year, you need to start entering the regime. It's not easy and you will not get it right away, but it's completely doable. Then the biorhythms of your child will not be greatly disturbed when he starts his studies.Children will be involved in the educational process without much effort, without excessive tension, and even overstrain of the nervous system. The latter is extremely labile in childhood, and in adolescents against the background of hormonal adjustment, it is so easy to super-hyperlabel.

Let's help our children start the school year in a good psychological form and successfully complete it with healthy, cheerful!