How to aim?

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How to aim?

Anyone who has set a goal to learn how to shoot, no doubt, will go to the shooting range or shooting club. The instructor will give him all the necessary knowledge and skills. But even with such a serious approach, it is better to know in advance how to aim with a pistol. Theoretical knowledge will help make fewer mistakes at the initial stage and acquire the desired skills in less time.

The correct position when firing a pistol

In any rifle section, they never at once give a weapon in their hands - first of all, they always produce the correct statement of the whole body from an athlete. First of all, pay attention to the hand in which you hold the gun. There are two positions from which a shot is made. First: the person becomes sideways to the target. In this case, it should be stretched forward and form a straight line with the shoulder. Second: the shooter is positioned in the direction of the shot. In this position, the hand must be strictly parallel to the ground; for a better stop and greater accuracy of hits from below, it is supported with a second hand.In both cases, the barrel of the weapon should be like a natural extension of your limb. Sometimes arrows useAim with weaponarm bent at the elbow, but, first, a great experience is needed for such a situation, and second, the rate of fire drops significantly.

The next thing you should pay attention to is the location of the legs. Whichever position you choose to shoot, they should be placed approximately along the width of your shoulders and located on the smoothest possible surface.

There is another nuance in how to aim with a pistol. Any weapon has recoil, as a result of which the barrel "goes" up. In this regard, you need to aim a point that is located on the target lower than the place where you want to go.

The rest of the subtleties of how to aim with a pistol can be found in the article How to shoot correctly.

Features shooting from a gun

The gun, as everyone knows, is intended for hunting. The difficulty of learning is to start with the fact that there are no rifle shooting galleries. Shoot in the wasteland forAim with weapontraining is also dangerous: the gun is usually charged with a fraction, which, when fired, scatters and can injure bystanders.So a little theory on the topic of “how to aim with a gun” will not be superfluous at all.

First of all, the gun is a long-barreled weapon. Shooting with an outstretched hand, you definitely will not work. The second important factor: the game will not stand and wait for the shot, so it is required to hit the moving target. And at the same time, the one who correctly targets a gun must also have a quick reaction. When the goal appears, you need to quickly and clearly perform a series of actions: slightly turn the left shoulder forward, raise the gun, press it to the right shoulder and tilt the torso back slightly. Cheek with tightly applied to the weapon.

Hunting methods and ways to learn them

Technician two: a leash and lead. In the first case, the gun conducts a target along the path of its movement while simultaneously following a parallel course, in the second, a shot is taken to the point where it will be in a couple of seconds. Accordingly, it will be necessary to aim correctly with a gun in different ways.Aim with weapon

You can still practice if you can find a large wasteland away from houses and roads without trees, bushes and high grass - to increase the view in order to avoid accidents.It is desirable that in the direction of the shots was a stone fence. For a start, lined up several targets. The distance between them is better to do different. Shooting starts from the closest. The purpose of the lesson: to learn how to aim with a gun and gently, but quickly pull the trigger. The next stage will be moving targets. Some skills can be obtained in training for bench shooting. You can replace them with the help of a friend who will pop into the air, for example, plates. In more detail, all these techniques are described in the article How to shoot a gun, where the rules for using a gun directly on the hunt are considered.

How to aim with a rifle

There are several positions from which you can shoot using a rifle: standing, sitting, lying. Usually a person chooses the one from which he is more productive. But at anyAim with weaponpositions in order to properly aim with a rifle, the hand must be firmly fixed. Most reliably emphasis when shooting prone. Breathing should be measured, delay it - a common mistake for beginners. Aiming correctly with a rifle means focusing on the front sight, and not on the target.The goal is fixed by the second view plan, only to combine the line of the shot and the front sight.

What you shoot, the main thing in the process is a firm hand, knowledge of the basics and regular training. Apt shooters makes practice.