How to apply Zindol for acne?

All sorts of acne and rashes on the skin are an urgent and extremely unpleasant problem, especially when you don’t manage to cope with it: does acne diminish only a little, and then attack with a new force? This is familiar to many of us, especially when it comes to adolescence, when there is an opportunity for every rash to roam to the fullest.

But this is not easier: sometimes the most expensive means cannot be coped with, which is why we look with some irony towards easily accessible and inexpensive drugs, can they help with something?

Tsindol - one of these drugs. Inexpensive, but surprisingly extremely effective tool that does well not only with skin inflammation and acne, but also various skin injuries and its diseases. You can always buy it at any pharmacy, and, despite the extremely low price, you will be able to see the first tangible results from the use in a week.

Available in the form of talker, which has a pleasant milky color and a light texture. This tool is considered absolutely safe because it contains only natural ingredients, which is why it is allowed to use it even during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

How does it work?

The composition of the talker for acne includes components such as zinc oxide, ethanol, talc, glycerin, distilled water. The main active component is zinc oxide, which, in fact, determines the main effect of the drug: antiseptic, antibacterial and protective.

Tsindol, penetrating into the inflamed tissue, destroys the bacteria that caused the inflammatory process, while it has a disinfecting effect, due to which new bacteria no longer appear. It effectively heals wounds and resolves scar tissue, softens the skin and normalizes the metabolism in the cells.

In addition, Tsindol has another useful property: due to the astringent action of the drug, it covers the skin with a thin protective film that reduces the permeability of the surface layer of the epidermis.

In addition, it helps to reduce the activity of secretion of glands and enzymes, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, has a local anti-inflammatory and drying effect.

How to use the drug?

Acne and acne treatment with Zindol is not a difficult procedure, but before starting it is important to make sure that your skin responds to it calmly, without adverse reactions.

To do this, just drop a few drops of the drug on the crook of the elbow, this is where the most sensitive area of ​​skin.

If the reaction does not occur (redness, itching, rash), then you can safely begin treatment. The whole process takes 1-2 months, sometimes faster, if the rash is insignificant. It is necessary to put the mash 5-6 times a day.

To do this, the skin must first be cleaned of sebum and cosmetics, shake the bottle with Zindol well. Apply the drug on a cotton swab and distribute it evenly over the entire face (or other areas of the body where there are rashes).

It is not necessary to wash the talker, let it be thoroughly absorbed into the surface of the skin, however, if there is no such possibility, and you urgently need to go outside, you can only wash off the drug after it has completely dried and begins to crumble.

As for contraindications, in addition to the personal intolerance of individual components, they are not particularly special, as we have already said, Tsindol is allowed even for pregnant and nursing mothers.

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