How to assemble a chest of drawers?

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How to assemble a chest of drawers?

To date, there is a wide variety of models of drawers, so choose the right is not difficult. After the purchase, you will only need to assemble the dresser yourself or use the services of a master.

If you decide to do without the help of a professional, then the information in this article can help you to assemble a chest of drawers with your own hands.


To build a chest of drawers you need a minimum of tools that are in almost every house. Namely:

  • a screwdriver to tighten the bolts or screws, also a regular screwdriver may be suitable for this, but only with it you will spend more time assembling;
  • a hammer, with its help you will need to nail the back of the dresser;
  • roulette, without it it will be difficult to assemble an even chest of drawers;
  • an awl, it can be used to make punctures where the screws will be inserted.

How to assemble a chest of drawers

Before assembling, check whether all the necessary parts are in place, as there are sometimes incomplete configurations, then you will need to contact the store and demand the necessary accessories, which are missing in the kit.

So, if everything is in order, then you can start:

  1. Read the instructions that came with the dresser.Usually the instructions for the dressers have great similarities. Therefore, it does not matter which model you will assemble. If you do not have instructions, then use the tips below.
  2. The assembly of the dresser must begin with the manufacture of the frame. First, fasten the bottom cover, side walls and horizontal connections with iron corners. It is best to tighten the screws with a screwdriver.
  3. Next, do the assembly boxes. It is not difficult at all: fasten the side, back and front walls. Handles and other decorative elements are attached at the very end and at this stage they do not need to be touched. Nail the bottom to the drawers with small nails. Make sure that the drawers are opened without effort, but they are not too loose.
  4. Drill holes in the horizontal links to attach the coverChest of drawerschest of drawers. Use for this self-tapping screws 4x30.
  5. Place the finished drawers in the dresser frame. Measure the height of the dresser with a tape measure and mark the places where the drawers should be. Attach with screws, screwing them in with a screwdriver.
  6. After that, nail the wall behind the dresser; for this purpose, dvp is most often used, but the most suitable option is plywood or chipboard.Secure the cover will be most secure with screws, not nails.
  7. When the dresser is ready, attach handles and decorations to the drawers. Wipe it with a damp cloth or rub it with polish on all sides.


  • Try to tighten the screws so that all the details between themselves are well fastened and the furniture is not loose in the future.
  • Observe all the clarity and see that all the details are parallel to each other and symmetrical. If we allow a small error in at least one place, then the entire chest of drawers will look uneven.