How to assemble a crane?

November 17, 2014
How to assemble a crane?

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How to assemble a crane?

Many people all my life watching the construction of buildings, but do not know how this is going to Mahina, as building a tower crane. After huge tower crane and collect it is not so easy, especially when around many residential buildings. Find the answer to this question is not so simple. Consider how you can assemble the tower crane.

How to collect the tap

Nowadays taps divided by height into three types:

  1. Little.
  2. Average.
  3. Highrise.

Depending on the type of collection crane passes differently.

Small and medium tap collected usually in a lying state on the ground of prefabricated sections, and then lifted by a special design of the crane platform in upright position and secured by bolts large.

High-rise crane in such a way as not to get a raise. In this case, the crane immediately vertically erected on the platform clever way. With the crane units on the cabin and an upper platform structure assembled ready for operation above the boom is raised and fastened underneath the finished fastener system and crane beams by means of bolts. Then repeat the procedure again until the valve is not completely built.

If a crane is needed at the top of an unfinished building, where there is no place to assemble it in a recumbent state, then the second method is used regardless of the height of the crane.