How to assemble a shield?

Galina Mirzahmedova
Galina Mirzahmedova
November 21, 2014
How to assemble a shield?

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How to assemble a shield?

If all electrical work in the house has been fully completed, the final step will be the installation of an electrical panel. However, for this you need to know how to properly assemble it.

The main thing - you need to remember the rules of electrical safety. If you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to seek help from a specialist.

Step 1. Connecting cables

The first stage - you need to connect the required number of cable ends to the shield (they are laid in advance).

Step 2. Install the shield

Now you need to install the base of the shield on the wall, then just begin its full assembly. To do this, you need to attach DIN-rails to which the protection circuit-breakers are attached using special latches.

Step 3. Installing the machine

Now on this rail machines are attached. Make it pretty simple. It is necessary with the help of a screwdriver to pull the latch of the machine, put it in place and release the latch. It is important to observe the sequence of the establishment of the elements of the shield:

  1. On the right is the introductory automat.Shield
  2. Further UZO.
  3. And only then all the other security devices in the order that is convenient for you.

Step 4.Completion of assembly

The last step is for those who want to figure out how to assemble an electrical panel on their own. At this stage, the zero bar is put in place. It also needs to connect all zero conductors, which are pre-adjusted in length (except for the groups that connect to the RCD - these are wires located in special areas with high humidity). Next, connect the machines, the cable to which is supplied from above, that is, to the upper terminals. That's it, the switchboard is assembled.