How to attract your man?

How to stay interesting for your man, to be special and unpredictable, to surprise and make you fall in love with yourself every time? How to continue to attract your man after many years of marriage? Let's try to find answers to exciting questions.

How to attract your man: tips

The man in his inner essence - the hunter. He needs to achieve, win, compete, decide, defend, be useful, and most importantly - always be on top. It is important to be able to be weak, admire your man, make compliments, be proud of him. After all, if you can do everything yourself, why him? Let him know that without him you are nowhere.


Of course, it is no secret that men, first of all, perceive a woman visually. Therefore, you just need to look always well-groomed and attractive. Not all men appreciate combat make-up, mini-skirt and long, sharp red nails. Often such a girl pushes away. After all, you attract a man far from your makeup and nails, but with a combination of signs.True female beauty is manifested in the woman's grooming: beautiful hair with a neat haircut, clean smooth skin, a trim figure, etc. It is important that not only your man admired you. Keep fit, always look your best.

Personal development

An important factor in a relationship is communication. It is necessary to develop yourself as a person every day in order to have something to talk about, what to discuss, perhaps, to argue a little. You can tell the story of the book that hooked you, discuss important world problems, laugh at nonsense, and so on. Without communication, there is no development of relationships: everyone is locked in, and it makes no sense to share thoughts and experiences.

Dreams and goals for the future

Well, when a couple has common goals and dreams for the future. It makes a man strive to achieve them and be a hero in the eyes of his beloved. How to attract your man if you consider him a loser? No Appreciate and firmly love him, believe in him, build joint plans for the future and boldly embody them into reality together.

Moral support

Be always a reliable support for a loved one, a person to whom you can tell everything without conviction, just a friend. Help in difficult times, do not leave him alone with problems.You better know how to cheer and cheer up a person.


As they say, the path to a man lies through the stomach. This is partly true. Cook his favorite dishes more often, even if you do not eat them. Keep your house clean, be able to create comfort in it. Be a good housekeeper, to which a man will always rush after work.

Conflict behavior

Most women think that their man is able to understand at a glance or to read desires mentally. Disappoint: there are no such men or they are very few. You can take offense over trifles, start to sort things out, but men do not like this terribly. Do not cut it just like that, the failure of hormones or a broken nail is not a reason for scandals and humiliations. Always say directly what you want and why. In disputes and quarrels, calmly express your point of view and give him the opportunity to express his own.

Diversity in life

Monotonous life - boredom. In your hands make every day unforgettable. Sitting with friends, walking through the city at night, going to the cinema, etc. There are so many interesting things in the world, don't sit still, try something new every time! Plan a joint rest, entertainment, be able to relax and fool around, because deep down in the soul we are all children.


Sexual relationships should not be trivial.Experiment, surprise, recognize his body, know how to file yourself. Discuss each other's wishes more often, listen and trust. When a sudden passion arises, do not extinguish it, but use the moment. Try not to deny your man in the vicinity. Be welcome for him.

Comfort at home, a loving and beloved woman - the dream of a man, which he is looking for during his life. Be kind, take care, admiration, sometimes restraint, love it. Do not forget about your female charms and tenderness. You will be appreciated according to merit, all efforts will turn into strong and trusting relationships. Happiness and love!