How to become a cop in the GTA?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
February 3, 2015
How to become a cop in the GTA?

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How to become a cop in the GTA?

Many SAMP players dream of joining the ranks of the police, so they often ask how to become a cop in the GTA. In some cases, to get this position, you have to go to the most extreme measures. It is not like in real life.

Profession - Police

To become a police officer in the GTA, you need to serve in the army and get a certain skill. In the army, you must get the rank of junior sergeant, and then you can serve as a cadet in the police (this is the lowest rank). Of course, it is possible to become a policeman of the highest rank, but for this it is necessary to raise the rank in the army. For example, if you want to go to the police and become a junior sergeant, then in the army you need to be a senior sergeant. In addition, for this it is important to achieve a level 4 game.

Having all the necessary achievements and complying with the requirements, you can join the police. To perform this action, the player must contact the sheriff of management in which he prefers to work. The game has only three police departments:

  • Los Santos PD;
  • San Fierro PD;
  • Las Venturas PD.

More information about the transition can be obtained from the general of the army in which you serve.

For those who wish to serve in law enforcement in the game, it does not require too much. Army training is required, and some experience as a player in the GTA SAMP is welcome.

In addition to the police in the game a lot of gangs. In order for a gang to be strong, there must be a lot of participants.