How to become a hacker?

Some Internet users are interested in the topic of how to become a hacker. Basically, among the connoisseurs of this profession (or hobby) you can meet mostly young guys aged 17 and above. Unfortunately, many of them are mistaken when they think that a hacker is just a computer hacker. Therefore, before you master the basics of this profession, it is worthwhile to understand who the hacker really is.

Who is a hacker

The hacker is, first of all, a professional programmer of the highest class. He does not just work with already implemented programs, he thinks and fantasizes himself in programming languages. For many professionals, their work is their way of thinking and living. Such human inclinations are usually laid at an early age.

Where to begin

If you are thinking how to become a hacker from scratch, then start with the basics of programming. Without this skill it will be difficult to become a hacker, or simply impossible. Many professionals claim that the base can be obtained independently.after spending a few days at the computer and studying the necessary material. The main thing is to stop wasting time on computer games and other such nonsense, which just takes time.

It doesn’t matter where you start, in any case, all the basics of programming, in their essence, have similar principles and structure. Nevertheless, there are several programming languages ​​that should definitely be jagged at a tooth:

  • Java.
  • C.
  • PHP
  • C ++.
  • Delphi.
  • Ruby
  • Lisp.
  • C #.
  • Pascal.

And if you still care about the question of how to become a novice hacker, then you should study a few seemingly unpretentious operating systems - Linux or UNIX. After all, not many know that professional hackers do not work with Windows.

Correct and correct work on the Internet is what every hacker should strive for. It is not enough to work online, chat with friends on social networks and have your CS service. Moreover, if you are interested in how to become a hacker, few will be able to share this knowledge for free, so you have to find everything yourself, and the Internet is the best helper for this. You should understand not only how it works, but how the Internet works: understand the value of HTTP transmitted to the server by the client, understand the interaction between the browser and the server.Without this knowledge, it is impossible to achieve at least any good results.

HTML language - any professional hacker knows him as well as his native language he speaks. HTML + CSS is another key to success on the Internet; without it, no action can be called a proper site. HTML language is useful not only for creating a site, but also for correct interaction with the server.

Before becoming a hacker, a set of programs should be selected individually for yourself. It is difficult to pick up tool software, but if you want to know what you want, the task is simpler. First of all, pay attention to compilers that help to translate the text of a program in a high-level language into an equivalent program. In the future, this type of program you really need. Assemblers are the following computer programs in the list that help to convert a program into machine instructions in the form of object code.

Do not forget about text editors, which are designed to modify and create text files. Together with this they help to view on the screen, print and search for fragments of textual information.There is also a more specialized group, called - specialized editors, intended for editing and creating source codes of programs. This program can go as a separate application, and be integrated into the development environment.

How to become a professional hacker

In fact, it is important not only the study of a programming language, but also ordinary foreign languages. Particular attention should be paid to the English language, widely used throughout the Internet. For all world services, English is already standard. And the sooner you start exploring it, the sooner you start your activity as a hacker.

Knowledge of programming languages, the availability of correctly selected languages, understanding of one’s goal, perseverance, work and ability to realize one’s ideas are the main criteria for a successful high-class hacker.