How to become a mediator?

Each person seeks to earn money: someone works at the enterprise, someone teaches, someone sews, and someone wants to earn income through intermediary services.


Mediation is one of the most profitable business lines. The mediator is a link between the seller and the buyer, the performer and the customer. The mediator knows the information that the buyer or seller does not have.

In modern terms, the mediator can be online or offline.

The provision of intermediary services offline is:

  • Realtor - mediation between the landlord or tenant, owner or buyer
  • mediation in repair, construction (the foreman may act as an intermediary)
  • reseller between seller and buyer
  • brokerage
  • distribution services

On the Internet, online, there are many ways to profit from intermediary services. Here are some of them:

  • affiliate programs - on the Internet bring about 80% of all orders
  • mediation in creating websites
  • intermediation in the sale of certain goods

In order to earn decent, big money, the provision of mediation services should be the main job. In order to understand how to work as an intermediary professionally, it is necessary to purchase and deliver everything and everything. Nothing should be impossible. It can be: pumps from the USA, machine from Germany, coffee from Brazil. The main thing is not to waste your time on trifles.

How to become a successful mediator

Before you understand how to become an intermediary, you must determine the area in which you can provide mediation services. Then discuss the terms of cooperation with the supplier or seller, to conclude a contract or contract. After this, a client base is created. It is better to start with those customers who are not afraid of losing in order to eventually go to the "goldfish". You need to always be in touch.

You can become a successful mediator having the following qualities:

  • search skills, ability to find information that is little known to the seller or buyer, performer or customer
  • ability to present the necessary information for a fee

In order to earn decent money, the provision of intermediary services should be the main job.In order to understand how to work as an intermediary professionally, it is necessary to purchase and deliver everything and everything. Nothing should be impossible.

Internet mediation

Some online stores provide an opportunity for their users to understand how to become an intermediary of an online store, participating in an affiliate program and receive their own interest on sales. The following is a portion of the particularly popular online stores working under an affiliate program.

  • Ozone, charge from 0.1% to 6%. There is no minimum withdrawal, but more than 4,000 rubles are not withdrawn, the money remains in Ozone. For large amounts you need to enter into a contract.
  • Bolero, charge from 5% to 12%, minimum withdrawal 300 rubles
  • Neopod, accrual 12.5%, the minimum withdrawal amount is 500 rubles
  • Good Body, 10%, without minimum withdrawal
  • Gold Affiliate, 30% accrual
  • Cell Market, charge from 3% to 25%, minimum withdrawal $ 1
  • FlexSPY, accrual 20%

You can make your online store and be an intermediary. To do this, you need to find the desired product on the Internet. For example, you can enter, select a region, write a “buy”, find buyers and enter into a deal, get your affiliate accruals.

You can create websites without even knowing how to do it. To do this, you can find programmers on the forums and they will solve this problem. You can find a good freelancer, give him orders, and get your interest from the work done.

The provision of intermediary services is also possible when trading various goods via the Internet. Probably, many people know that in the West goods are cheaper, and in Russia they are more expensive. You can register at auction, then buy the product, and by selling it in Russia you can get decent mediation. An iPad in America costs $ 550, and in Russia it costs $ 1000.

Mediation in Taobao

Today, China is a global supplier of various products. Taobao - online store with a wide range, where you can buy goods from China at low prices. How to become an intermediary Taobao, what should be done for this?

In order to be an intermediary of Taobao, you can simply go to the site of the store, select products, consult with the manager, order the goods and wait.

But it is better to get ready-made IT solutions, read the terms of Opertao cooperation and install the Box. To get your Taobao, you need to make personal settings, and then get your mediation.