How to become a yoga instructor

Yoga is gaining popularity, because it is believed that it improves the physical health and mental state of a person. Yoga is an ancient teaching that is covered with a halo of mystery. Hence the opinion that only an “initiated” person can teach. How to become a yoga instructor and get a job? Let's find the answer together.

There is some truth in this statement, since yoga is not just a set of exercises, but a certain worldview. Those who believe that they are ready to master the doctrine, to improve themselves physically and spiritually, can become instructors in a short time. It all depends on individual abilities.

The path to yoga instructors is as follows. Sometimes out of sheer curiosity or in order to improve health, a person goes to courses. Reaching out for 3-5 years will realize that you can teach. However, it’s not a fact that if you practice yoga for a long time, you will become an instructor. To become a master and achieve success, you will have to undergo additional training.Two different things - to train yourself at home and train students.

When answering the question of how to become a yoga instructor, consider the following points.

  1. Where to get an education?
  2. How long will it take to learn and what will be the result?
  3. Why do you want to become a yoga instructor?

Gradually deal with questions and begin with the last.

Why become a yoga instructor?

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Certainly not in order to earn a million, because a yoga ticher does not receive such money. As practice shows, the average payment per person is 300-500 rubles per class and for the most part depends on the region of instruction. Private lessons pay higher. Exit seminars cost an average of about 15,000 rubles per week.

Do not forget that the name of the coach plays a major role, and you just have to win fame and reputation. For beginners, many things are not clear, for example, how a new job will affect the quality of their own practice. After all, it is known that many instructors reduce their own practice, because there is no moral force left. Once an attractive job becomes just a job and does not bring satisfaction.But do not despair, this rarely happens, and, more often, teaching becomes an incentive to improve your own level of mastery.

Many become yoga instructors because they feel happier because of their activities. What is not the motivation to start practicing? However, there is no guarantee that we will succeed in this direction. Consequently, there is no guarantee that a career in this industry will be successful. Therefore, before starting the practice, it is worth understanding motivation and ideas, so that in the future you will not experience deep disappointment.

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What do you need to learn?

If you have decided on a choice and know what you need to become a yoga coach, you will need basic knowledge in the following areas:

  1. anatomy;
  2. psychology;
  3. human physiology;
  4. safety injuries.

In addition, you will have to study:

  1. yoga history;
  2. philosophy;
  3. classic texts;
  4. main directions and schools of yoga.

Start with a study of the theoretical basis, because yoga is not only a set of physical exercises, but also a philosophical and mental component.

Brief information

Real yogi from Nepal

The first information about yoga was found during the excavations of the ancient cities of Harrap and Mohenjo Daro.On the detected seals are visible images of deities sitting in a yoga pose. Similar images found in Latin America.

You will definitely need knowledge in the field of traditional, preserved in our days, Indian medicine systems - Ayurveda and biomechanics. To master the practice of asanas, the main complex of exercises both in the flow and in statics. To know the basic pranayama, the most ancient technique of yogis, which helps a person to control prana (free energy of the cosmos) with the help of self-regulation of breathing. To learn shatkarma, which means 6 steps of purification or cleansing actions. This is a common name for body cleansing, which is used in hatha yoga. Some schools of Shatkarmas put in the first place and consider that until a student has mastered the cleansing practice, he should not proceed to the next levels of education.

We will have to master various methods that will help to coordinate the individual and group training sequences, learn to notice and correct the mistakes of students.

The above is a mandatory course of study. For a yoga instructor, one very important quality is needed - empathy.This is a certain capacity for empathy when a person shares other people's feelings and emotions. Empathy will help to predict actions and understand the motives of even the inexplicable actions of people around them. If the teacher and the student are not on the same wave, if the teacher does not feel the students, does not understand their state and feelings, does not give useful advice, it is better not to teach yoga at all.

Where to get skills?

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If you touch on this issue and specify educational institutions, the article will come down for advertising. Information is easy to find on the Internet. One thing to note is that yoga instructor training schools are open in all major cities of Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Novokuznetsk, Khabarovsk, Samara, Yekaterinburg and others.

The price run for courses varies from 30,000 to 300,000 rubles. Proposals for training, duration and filling are almost the same, except for a number of courses where instructors are given rather stringent requirements. For example, in order to enroll in courses at a similar school, a mandatory recommendation of a teacher from whom you have been studying for at least 2 years is required. Training in such courses lasts at least 3 years.

Each individual, not to mention the uniqueness, so you have to choose the method that you need. During the classes, they take a full theoretical and practical course where they get acquainted with the methodology of some parts of yoga:

  1. Wellness. Strengthens the musculoskeletal system and the spine, makes its correction and helps to stop slouching.
  2. Intense. Develops the maximum potential of the physical body of a person, energy and mental body.
  3. Energy. Increases the energy potential of man and his consciousness.
  4. Chakralnaya. Creates the harmony of the subconscious system.
  5. Ayurvedic. It creates the harmony of the psychophysical state, teaches to heal and heal the body.

If you decide to become an instructor in reality, and not with a certificate on hand, go through all the stages of training. According to the standards of the International Federation of Yoga, there are 3 skill levels - instructor, trainer and master. Anyone who chooses to teach begins their journey with an instructor after completing a course of seminars, passing exams and receiving a certificate.

Education in a specialized school of instructors at the Federation of Yoga in Russia complies with international standards.Graduates of the school without additional exams receive diplomas and get into the registers of popular international yoga organizations. Training takes place according to a developed and approved program that meets international standards.

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Be careful, fake!

Some centers offer to master the course of "work with energy", meditation or learn to read past lives. It's a fake copy. In a real yoga tichera, the head is not clogged with the supernatural, it does not load the students with heads with all sorts of “junk”. A spiritual teacher or abbot is another.

A fake can be found in another way: at the end of the course a “state diploma” is issued. There is no such thing in nature, the maximum that you can count on after the end of the course is evidence (sometimes a diploma) of advanced training. The document gives the center where the training took place. Often, after successful training, they offer work in the same center (club).

Most often the courses are chosen, given the convenient location and the proven teaching staff. If there are well-known instructors and clubs where the courses' programs meet international standards, and you trust them, you will study in such a school (club).

It is not necessary to get an education, only to become an instructor. The knowledge gained will bring a lot of new and useful skills that will be useful for expanding horizons.

How to get a job

Qualified teachers have no difficulty in finding a job in fitness centers (clubs). They can give private lessons, hold seminars or workshops that are of increasing interest to the population.

Whatever the way, the realities of the world dictate their own conditions, when you cannot do without a good resume. Summaries are made according to the way you study yoga. If you have completed the Tibetan Monastery course, attach a video to your resume, which shows what skills you have. Then, feel free to send a summary of the fitness centers and sports facilities. You can become an individual entrepreneur, organize your own school and teach.

To become a professional instructor in yoga, it will take more than one year of practice. If you compare yoga with power fitness, then in it, if you start from scratch, you will not be able to achieve a quick result. After 2-3 years, the first successful results will come.

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Sometimes with constant practice, a complete reassessment of values ​​comes along and a person changes his past lifestyle. Yoga is a technique that you pass through yourself, after which it becomes necessary to transfer knowledge to others. Yoga instructor, the same coach who improves skills, constantly learns and passes knowledge to students.