How to become beautiful in class?

Ksenia Gaynulina
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How to become beautiful in class?

Many girls want to be the most beautiful in the classroom, and maybe even in the whole school. But first it�s worth understanding that each girl is beautiful in her own way. You just need to know all your strengths and weaknesses and be able to look at yourself from the outside, then it will become clear which way to develop in order to uncover the beauty in yourself and become attractive.

Of course, the status of the most beautiful gives confidence. But you should never be arrogant and be arrogant, constantly praising yourself over others. Nobody really loves and respects the recognized girls. Now we will give some tips on how to become attractive, so that others would be pleased to communicate with you and be close by.


  • Start your transformation needs to work on the inner world. To do this, look at how you communicate, if you are not rude, if there are no bad words in your vocabulary. In a word, learn to be attentive and kind, and also watch your manners and speech.
  • To become an attractive girl in class, you need to study well.It is not necessary to be a round pupil, just try to always carry out the tasks of the teachers, do not be late for the lessons, help those who are lagging behind in the subject you know the best.
  • And, of course, watch your appearance. First of all, clothing should be neat. If the school does not have a uniform, do not dress too pretentiously and defiantly. By the way, girls in dresses or skirts always look more tender and attractive.
  • Do not use makeup. Only in high school girls can afford to make up the eyelashes with mascara and lightly browned. This is quite enough, because to be natural is very beautiful.