How to become the master of their complexes

Psychologists divide complexes into two categories. The first is innate - it is natural shyness or, for example, timidity in communication and decision making. The second category includes acquired ones - this is a distrust of people, which, for example, has caused an unsuccessful experience of communicating with peers in childhood. It should be understood that a person will be able to get rid of the second type of complexes, if he shows a little confidence, here the choice is his.
If we accept the fact that a person himself is the cause of all problems, as a given, then it will be much easier to deal with the complexes. You can start with small victories. This, for example, daily exercise or meditation, self-care and systematic reading of books. You can cite a lot of examples, however, the introduction of new good habits in life helps to eliminate the internal barrier, as well as most of the complexes.
A long established fact - a person often forgets the positive moments of life, while negative ones sometimes leave an indelible imprint.It is very important to try to restructure your thinking. You can make a diary and list all the good things from time to time, and just throw out the bad things from memory. Many, trying to forget someone or something, all the time think about this person or event, thereby only rooting them into memory. In this case, to cope with the emotions will help a new hobby, change of job, activity or study.
After completing the first points, people usually have some confidence in their abilities. They understand that they are able to overcome many difficulties and overcome the hated complexes. It is enough to remember about those around you - after all, everyone has these very complexes, but not all of them put them on display.
You must see the end result and gradually strive for it. Set yourself a task and move slowly towards the target.