How to become the most feminine and tender woman in the world

What is femininity? Is it really possible to convey in words such an unearthly and unusual quality, which in its natural form is characteristic only of women? If we turn to the old novels and classics, then most of the heroines are the standard of good breeding, femininity and tenderness, but at the same time, they have considerable strength and unshakable inner core.

femininity is a gift

Of course, now we are not talking about physical health, but about high morals and strong upbringing, which at that time were being hatched from infancy. What only is the steadfastness and strength of morals of Jane Eyre, the unshakable spirit of Consuelo, but at the same time, they remained feminine and charming, refined and sensual.

What turns out, femininity - is it something outdated and long forgotten? After all, now you cannot find such women, due to the foundations of modern society, a woman has to be strong, assertive, and sometimes even rude and selfish, because without these qualities it is difficult to build a good career, and also to endure and overcome all the difficulties and burdens of modern life.

At this stage of development of society, women are often forced to endure almost all the physical and moral difficulties at the level with men, they lose the deep difference between these two completely different halves.

A woman, we emphasize, should remain weak and vulnerable, they require care and care, among men it is a small pearl, a flower that requires affection and attention. But strength, hardness, sometimes rudeness, increased gesticulation and a heavy tread - this is the lot of the male half.

It turns out that femininity is the ability to be weak, tender and sensual? Maybe so. Femininity should be transmitted in every movement, in every act and action, it should be radiated from a girl or woman.

And the fool will be the one who says that the ability to be feminine and tender is an innate gift, and if it is not given, then nothing can be done. Everything can be learned, everything that is lost, because at the genetic level, such traits are laid before our birth.

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And, interestingly enough, at the genetic level of men, one can find a natural attraction to such individuals of the female sex.And now comes the moment when the question arises in the beautiful head of a girl, but how to become the most feminine and tender woman in the world? This usually occurs during puberty, when there is an attraction to the opposite sex, there is a desire to like.

It was during this period, the girls begin to use what nature gave them, their strengths and capabilities, but this box should always be replenished and updated in order to always remain a girl with a little mystery, a mystery girl.

But there are also some individuals who stubbornly consider themselves to be “ladies” for a long time, but almost everyone has a moment when they want to change: for the sake of a loved one, for the sake of children, for the sake of themselves. It does not matter why you have such a desire, the main thing is that it must be followed.

Let's try to finally understand what femininity is, is it possible to acquire it and become, to some extent, a professional in such fine art.

Let's start outside!

And do not be surprised, first of all femininity is expressed in the appearance of a girl, if she wears stretched sweaters, worn jeans and sneakers, then such an individual can hardly be called a feminine girl. Try to put on all the gentle, the first thing that will help you is heels.

They may be low, but regardless of this, they should still be, with their help, their posture, gait and internal sensations instantly change: at the moment a woman begins to feel it is a woman, in the best senses of the word.

Next: dresses, skirts, blouses, accessories, handbags and various women's things. By the way, often such purely female trifles very much touches men, maybe due to the fact that such moments are not allowed for them, so they can admire them on the beautiful half.

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The next step is to pay more attention to yourself. Natural beauty is wonderful, but even she needs to be helped, it is unlikely that anyone will like the bruises under the eyes and the small inexpressive eyes. Spend a little time every day on daytime makeup - a couple of drops of tonal mousse, a wave of a blush brush and a small layer of mascara.

This will allow you to feel confident in any situation, will give a feeling of expressiveness and attractiveness. Do not spare money, visit, though sometimes, spas and massages, such procedures can awaken sensuality in a woman, and also help to preserve youth and well-being.

Beautiful woman should be feminine

But, as you probably understand, in order to become more feminine and tender, one appearance will not be enough. Do you know how ridiculous it would be to look like a woman who would put on a delicate dress and shoes, but at the same time carry herself sharply, frantically gesticulating and using foul language? Such a woman will cause bewilderment, and maybe even laughter. Appearance makes a woman feel at ease, complements the whole image, adding up to a harmonious picture.

Inside What's wrong?

  • First and foremost: learn to love yourself, the way you are, with all your flaws. Of course, it is necessary to strive for the best, but there are things that can not be fixed, for example, a nonstandard nose or small breasts, too heavy a pelvis.
  • Learn to skillfully mask your flaws, blinding them with your virtues. Do you think all these world stars are so perfect? Not at all, if you look closely, you can find something that does not like. How to hide all this? Successful make-up, well-chosen clothes, a confident look and a sea of ​​charisma!
  • Watch your movements, femininity is manifested in the smoothness of movements, you can not wave your hands, brightly gesticulating and slapping the table if something goes wrong. There must be hard tenderness in everything, yes, such a complex combination.
  • Watch your gait.You think why men like so feminine and gentle natures, and the thing is that with one touch, a flying gait and a languid look, they are able to strike him on the spot, and, as it happened, he himself will not notice. Yes, this is a whole art that requires hard work.
  • Pay attention to your speech. The voice should be pleasant and soft, in no case not sharp. Put yourself on the video, listen to how you talk, how you behave, all this will be useful to you for your future reincarnations.
  • And, of course, the main weapon is a smile and laughter. In this, too, you need to succeed, laughter can not be rolling and loud, this is the lot of men. Avoid extremes, it is not necessary to be a porcelain doll, and then your laughter will become pleasant and melodious, it will infect with its warmth, and not scare and surprise.

And, at last, always watch your face: do not brow your forehead, roll your eyes and bite your lips, beautiful face must dazzle you with your calmness and peace, smile in the street to the passerby and you will notice with what return to you people are drawn.

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