How to borrow in Megaphone?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
May 18, 2012
How to borrow in Megaphone?

You ask this question if you have not paid for cellular communication in advance, and you need to call urgently.

If you run out of money in the account, you can use the service "Promised payment". How to borrow in Megaphone? There are three ways:

  • USSD request.dial * 106 #
  • SMS.Send an SMS to number 0006. Insert the code "100" in the SMS - if you want to borrow 100 rubles, or, for example, "200" - if you want to borrow 200 rubles, respectively.
  • CallCall to number 0006 from your cellular.

This service allows you to borrow for five calendar days, after which the amount borrowed will be debited from the account. The cost of crediting the promised payment is 10 rubles.

How else to borrow in Megaphone? This operator also has the “Trust Payment” service, which will allow you to quickly top up your balance in a hurry. Well, if you often have such situations, when you forget to pay for cellular communication on time and you have to borrow, you can activate the “Trust” service.This service will allow you to use the preferential disconnection threshold, which will directly depend on how long you use Megafon services and how often you use additional services. Having connected the “Trust” service, you will be able to communicate with a negative balance of up to -1200 rubles, and you will not have to borrow every time.

You can activate the “Trust” service in two ways:

  • SMS.You need to send SMS to number 5138, with the code "1"
  • USSD request.