How to breed a guy?

The overwhelming majority of women seek an easy life that men can provide. One of the ways is to force a man to support himself or simply give a gift. We will not touch the moral and ethical side of how to breed a guy. In the end, every woman has a conscience and is able to determine which actions are bad and which are not. The pursued goals may be different: someone needs sex, someone needs expensive gifts, others need money. By the way, for a guy such gifts are a kind of indicator of prosperity.

How to behave?

It doesn't matter what goals you pursue when you decide to breed a guy, be it money or expensive gifts. There is a certain strategy of behavior. First of all, you need to remember: in no case can not put pressure on pity and beg. This will cause only irritation. Therefore, a woman should have a sense of dignity. One must always look successful and independent. Yes, you can be a student and complain about a low scholarship, and the man will be happy to help, but it will look like a sop. But the attention of a successful and confident woman is difficult to achieve.

It is worth remembering that a man will expect return. This can manifest itself in different ways. Give him hope that you will surely thank him. It will also encourage him to give you gifts and provide financial assistance.

There are situations when not only a woman divorced a guy for money, but he is hers. Therefore, you should always be careful and careful. Among the representatives of the stronger sex is also full of people who are dishonest and thirst for an easy life.

How to breed?

The surest way to divorce a guy is to play on his sense of the hunter. It is necessary to arouse in him the desire to conquer you, and this will induce him to open the wallet.

If your elect is very rich, then get ready for the fact that he will consider you mercantile. Of course, in fact, it is, but not necessarily to tell him about it. Among such representatives there are still individuals who are confident in their uniqueness and, therefore, that it is women who are obliged to run after them. With such men it is better not to have affairs.

In order to safely breed guys, you must first invest in your appearance. Expensive cosmetics, clothing from boutiques,elite perfume and so on - all this will make you an independent and wealthy woman. So you will let the man know that you do not need his money. Accordingly, he will want to prove to you that he can ensure your life at a high level.

But there is another tactic of divorce for money. To do this, you need to look like an ordinary gray mouse. There are men who like to dress a girl like a doll: jewelry, branded clothes, expensive cosmetics and so on. But such a man will behave like a master, and the girl will be assigned the role of an expensive doll.

Ways to Divorce

So, the first way to divorce a guy is to make a kind of independent and wealthy woman. Show that you have everything, and if you want something new, then you are able to buy it yourself. Even if you use the image of a simple, be confident and answer that you have enough of what is.

So, when a man is interested in you, you can begin to empty his wallet. To do this, hint to him that you are so busy and vital for him, you will not waste time, which, therefore, needs to be compensated. Feel free to ask for money or expensive gifts.

How can you divorce a guy for money if the above methods do not work? Perhaps you overdid it somewhere. Consider the sense of proportion. No matter how rich your chosen one is, greed and a big appetite will only be scared away.

Do not try to buy a man through sex. So you will not achieve anything. Easily accessible woman is not interesting to anyone. But if you value yourself and not go to bed with each new acquaintance, then the man will treat you in a special way. And most importantly, do not forget that each guy needs his own approach!