How to brew mate?

Anton Ozhiganov
Anton Ozhiganov
February 19, 2013
How to brew mate?

Brazilian (Paraguayan) tea or mate is an invigorating drink that contains caffeine. This tea is made from shoots and leaves of the Paraguayan holly. The drink is characterized by a rich, tart, bitter, vanilla flavor. Mate increases the body's natural resistance, exhibits tonic and healing properties. So, how to brew mate?

The classic way to brew mate

It should be noted that mate tea is brewed in several stages:

  • First, dry brewing is filled up in 2/3 of the calabassa.
  • Secondly, the calabash must be tilted so that the tea leaves are poured against one wall, while near the other wall so that a void is formed.
  • Thirdly, the water in the Calabasu is poured gradually in small portions. The ideal option is when the water slightly wets the brew and is fully absorbed.
  • Fourth, the mate is infused for 2-3 minutes. During this time, the water should be completely absorbed in the mate-brew.To determine readiness, you can slightly tilt the jug - the tea leaves swell a little, lose their flowability and take the form of a thick gruel.
  • Fifth, we carefully place the bombill in the jar, closing the hole with the thumb. The bombardy sinks to the bottom of the Calabass right in the thick of the brewing, then it is topped up almost to the top with hot (70-80 degrees) water.

How to brew mate tea

It should be noted that when brewing this tea, the water should have a temperature not exceeding 80 degrees. When brewing tea of ​​the same name with boiling water, it starts to taste bitter and loses its taste. With proper brewing of Paraguayan tea, dry tea leaves should swell strongly and fill the entire volume of the jug. An important detail, after the tea mate is poured with hot water, it is immediately drunk, so the infusion time varies between 0.5-2 minutes. With prolonged infusion - mate bitter.