How to bring the site to the top?

The creation and development of the site includes many difficulties that webmasters and optimizers have to face. It is especially difficult today for newcomers who have come to the Internet recently. Huge competition, which exists in almost all areas, does not allow young resources to achieve their goals. No matter how attractive from aesthetic point of view and useful a resource is, if it has low attendance, there is little sense from it. That is why one of the most important stages in the development of the site is its promotion and output to the TOP search engines. Why is this needed, you ask? The fact is that almost all Internet users use various search engines, such as Yandex or Google, to search for the information they need. It is these systems that allow everyone to find the site that provides the necessary information or service to a specific person.

Next moment. According to statistics, more than 70% of runet users, having set the necessary search query, in the final issue do not go beyond the second page.What does it mean? This means that if your site is located, for example, on the third page of Yandex-issue, you will lose 70% of potential visitors. Instead of your resource, they will all visit the sites of competitors offering the same information or service as you. Therefore, the question of how to bring the site to the TOP, more than relevant for many owners of Internet resources.

Promotional methods

Today, there are many ways to promote sites. It is important to unwind the resource in a complex, using various methods. Otherwise, the effect may be a little, and time may take a lot. The easiest option that will help bring the site to the TOP 10 - is an appeal to experts. Today there are many companies specializing in the promotion and promotion of Internet resources. The only disadvantage of this method is the price. Unfortunately, for many owners of small sites, this option is unacceptable, since it can at times exceed the budget. Therefore, later we will talk about how to independently bring the site to the TOP 10 search engines.

Self-promotion of the resource

The most important aspect in this matter are external links - links from other sites.There are many methods to get these links - sharing with other sites, buying links, registering in directories, sending press releases with links. The text of your links should contain keywords. For example: we need to promote the site on request "interior doors Volkhovets", you must put these words in the link text.

The easiest way to get external links is to buy them, if you do not know how to buy links and how to choose good sites, use the automation systems of this process:

These systems will allow you to independently advance light requests to the TOP.

Another very important aspect is the internal optimization of the site, its text content. Try to fill your resource with high-quality, interesting and, most importantly, unique, material. The emphasis on uniqueness is done for a reason. If you are involved in plagiarism, your resource is never normally indexed by search engines. Moreover, sooner or later he will fall into the black list of the same Yandex, which, by and large, put an end to it. Therefore, place on the site only unique texts.Approximately for every 1000 characters you need to organically use two keywords or phrases, according to which a potential visitor can find you. Preferably the key should contain the title of the web page (title). In addition, the title should be informative, readable and not bulky. Also, do not forget about filling out meta-information (description). In these fields you need to briefly, using a keyword or phrase, to tell about the content of the page.

PR and TIC

So, the site is made and launched, and high-quality materials are written and posted. The next step is to build up indicators such as PR and TIC. What it is? These are indicators of Google and Yandex, respectively, which determine the level of the resource, given the number of references (links) about it on different (third-party) sites. Roughly speaking, the more links to your site are presented on other resources, the higher will be these indicators. This is in theory. In practice, not all links are accepted. So, for example, many forums, no matter how much you mention references to your resource there, do not encourage raising of citation indices. The same applies to some sites that have special plugins installed,blocking the indexation of "foreign" links. Therefore, placing somewhere a link, you should check whether it is indexed or not. To do this, you can use services such as Free to achieve high TIC or PR is difficult, but possible. The main thing is to work hard, first of all, on the quality of the site, making it interesting for a wide range of visitors.