How to build a fence?

Your dream has finally come true, and you now have your own country house with a garden or a vegetable garden. However, in order to feel safe, one detail is missing. That's right - the fence. Now I will tell you how to build a fence of various materials - wood, chain-link mesh and sheeting.

How to build a wooden fence

In order to build a wooden fence, you first need to decide on the choice of material for the pillars. The pillars can be either wooden or reinforced concrete, brick or metal pipes. If you want to build a fence in the country, then the most suitable material will, of course, metal pipes. Brick and reinforced concrete are useless here, and wooden pillars are not very durable. In addition, the metal pipe can be installed very easily and quickly.

  • So, we need metal pipes with a diameter of about 8 cm. The foundation is best made of concrete, and the framework itself will be wooden. The distance between metal supports should be approximately 2-3 meters, no more. Based on this, calculate the number of pillars that will be useful to you.
  • To work we need a drill.The reliability of fixing the pillars is directly dependent on the height of the fence and on the width of the spans between the supports. Usually pipes are driven into the ground by about a meter. Remember that the diameter of the hole that you dig with a drill should slightly exceed the diameter of the pipe.
  • Now drill holes and insert pipes into them. The free space between the pipes and the holes can be filled up with rubble, sand or brick fragments, however, it is better to concrete the holes to erect a serious construction. To do this, mix the cement with sand in a ratio of 3: 1, add 1 part of rubble, mix and concrete the holes with the resulting liquid mixture.
  • Now we dig a trench along the supports and install a wooden formwork. We fall asleep into a ditch of 15 cm of rubble and sand and pour concrete on top. After 3 days the formwork can be removed. This is done so that, firstly, the fence does not rot, and secondly, this strip foundation perfectly protects your site from both weeds and cats, dogs and neighbors.
  • Boards fasten next to each other or overlap - as you see fit. Previously they need to be treated with a primer, which will protect the tree from parasites and from rotting.To do this, you can add some kind of solvent to the paint (for example, "White spirit" is perfect). We paint the boards with a primer, let them dry and then paint with ordinary paint - you can manually, or you can use a spray gun.
  • Well, so we figured out how to build a fence with your own hands. Now it remains to protect the top of the fence - to do this, we nail the bars to the boards, and put caps on the metal supports (this could be, for example, bottoms from plastic bottles). Our fence is ready!

How to build a fence of corrugated

A fence made of corrugated board - this is more reliable protection of your site. Usually such fences are built about two meters in height. The installation of the pillars you already know. We only note that for the fence of corrugated board suitable support section 60x60 mm. For transverse lags take thinner metal tubes. After assembling and brewing the frame (do not forget to get a welding machine), process it with a primer (how to make it - see the previous chapter) and paint over it.

For fence webs, use wall sheeting (usually they are marked as C20 and C21). In the case of using C8 corrugated flooring, it will be necessary to fix another additional lag in the middle, since this material does not have sufficient rigidity.To fix the profiled need only with galvanized screws. It is desirable that the screws fit the material and color - for purely aesthetic reasons. If you want to build a more lively, fun fence, use decking of different colors.

How to build a fence of the grid - chain-link

This type of fence, along with wooden, is probably the most common option for country sites. The advantages of this fence: its transparency (and, accordingly, the access of sunlight to the garden) and, of course, ease of installation.

  • In order to build a fence out of the chain-link, we will need pillars-supports, the net itself and a wire about 2-3 mm thick. It is necessary to choose a netting net based on your household. For example, if you have chickens, then the fence net should be small so that the chickens cannot escape from the garden. Also, if you want to build a fence for quite a long time, buy a galvanized mesh. How to install the pillars, you already know (see the material on the construction of a wooden fence), so we proceed directly to the installation of the grid itself.
  • It needs to be fixed, starting from the corner post.Fastening is carried out most often with the help of wire, but we advise you not to be lazy and weld special hooks onto the supports, on which the chain-link will sit well and firmly. If you bought a black grid (without corrosion protection), then, in order to avoid damage, fix it slightly above the ground.
  • Having fixed the net to the first pole, we unwind the roll of the netting net and start to mount to the next one. Tighten the mesh tightly. The tighter the tension, the better - it will help to avoid its sagging in the future. To do this, you can even make broach at the top and bottom of the grid with a strong wire, which is then attached to the posts.

Now you know how to build a fence of various materials. Not so hard, right? Moreover, having fixed the first supports and having laid the first sections, you will already acquire some skills, and the work will go much faster. Good luck with your work!