How to build a garage

The garage for the car can be built into the house or attached to it, as well as detached. Garages built into the basement of a private house are rarely found today, because such an arrangement creates inconveniences during operation (the need for waterproofing and protection against precipitation).
Attachedgaragediffers from the built in that occupies the useful area of ​​the site. The garage in this case is part of the house, has a common roof, a water and power supply system. Significantly less in attachedgarageand (in comparison with separately standing) there will be all system of communications.
Standing separatelygarageshould be located closer to the entrance to the site, flush with the outer fence. With this gategarageand will go straight out into the street. Garage at the request of the owner and the possibilities may be a capital building of bricks, and a prefabricated metal structure, as well as part of the household unit, where there is a home workshop with a storage room for household equipment.
When choosing a place forgarageBut it is necessary to take into account the location of all buildings of the estate, fire regulations, easy access, location relative to the house and the boundaries of the site. Sanitary regulations require that entry intogaragelocated at a distance of not less than 10 m from the windows of neighboring houses. Fire safety regulations prescribe to havegarageno closer than 9 meters from the house.
Construction of detachedgarageit starts with the foundation. The depth of the foundation for sandy soil should be at least 50 cm. The strip foundation is most acceptable. The wall is made one brick thick. Plasteredgaragefrom the outside and the inside, then spatula. Ceramic tile or exterior paint is used as the final coating. It is advisable to choose the same exterior finish for all buildings located on the site.
Floorgarageand usually they are made of concrete, making a bias towards the gate so that the water flows out beyondgaragea. Sometimes the floor is reinforced with metal mesh. Paint the floor can be a special paint on concrete. The main requirement for coverage is to be non-flammable.
Gable roof perform on the rafters, which are based on the wallsgaragea. The flat roof is made of ceiling panels, supported on the walls. The ceiling should be covered with non-combustible building material 5 mm thick.
Ends the devicegarageand the ventilation system. The garage should be equipped with exhaust ventilation. This is required to remove exhaust gases, the smell of gasoline and oils. At the bottom of the gate set supply grilles. Air outgarageand is removed through the exhaust device at the end of the duct, located near the wall opposite the gate.