How to build a garden stove

You will need
  • - brick or reinforced concrete ring;
  • - masonry mix (or chamotte sand for mortar);
  • - concrete slab for the foundation.
Decide on the size and height of the grill. The optimal size can be considered a diameter of 70-100 cm and a height of about 50 cm. Remember that with increasing dimensions, the weight of the furnace and, accordingly, the load on the foundation will increase. This will entail building a more serious foundation.
Pick a place on the site where you plan to build a stove. Approach this question responsibly. Consider the prevailing direction of the winds in your area, the illumination during the day, the convenience of approach and the distance from home.
Arrange the foundation. Remove the sod, use sand to level the ground under the foundation. It is better if the diameter of the pad is slightly larger than the diameter of the furnace itself. The thickness of the foundation slab should be at least 15 cm. If you use a ready-made concrete slab, then simply lay it on the prepared soil.If you plan to pour the concrete yourself, do not forget to lay the reinforcing mesh of metal rods. This will prevent the foundation from cracking.
As soon as the foundation is ready, proceed to the construction of the furnace. Lay the grill to the required height of brick or install a concrete ring. When laying bricks without a splash, fill the joints with a solution mixed with chamotte sand or finely divided red brick. Ideally, the seams should be flat and even. Once the furnace has reached a height of 40 cm, lay the stove's platform with a stone (with refractory bricks or lay a specially fitted thick steel plate). Consider that the stone can crack due to the temperature difference. Bring the height of the oven to the desired level. You can provide in the laying of the top row of bricks slots for the installation of skewers.
Install a barbecue grill (it must be removed). Arrange a rest area around the stove. It can be low benches, located in a semicircle or stone (brick wall) with shelves. On such shelves it is convenient to put all the necessary things for cooking on the fire.
How to build a garden stove